Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pekin High's Vocational Classes - An Example

An article in the JS yesterday reads, "Dan Greving, a 17-year-old senior at Pekin Community High School, started Mr. Bachman's landscaping class thinking it would help him with his future career in architectural design". However, looking at the house his class was finishing building, Dan had some 2nd thoughts. "I'm going into architectural design, I figured this class might help with college...." Pekin high schoolers have built and landscaped over a dozen homes, one a year, which they sell with proceeds going into next years class project.

The new home can be seen at 225 Ironwood in Pekin. Sophmore Mitch Shaughnessy already has his own landscaping company, DreamScapes Landscaping LLC. Call him at 267-0619.

I've blogged on this subject before. What does the "now reaching $13,000 a year to 'educate' one kid" at #150, offer kids training for vocations that just might include manual labor. I'd like to know including how many kids started and finished the class and where the community can go to see the results of their vocational training involving manual labor other that perhaps Caterpillar.

Thanks, I really would like to know as I was not able to get "results" from #150 administration.

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