Sunday, April 26, 2009

Property Tax Bill -2008

My property tax bill received yesterday, showed a decrease of $94 with the only taxing body showing an increase was the Peoria Public Library of $75. The Airport tax, now spread over a larger portion of the populace was down $55. City pensions were up $8 and #150 overall was down $21. The largest increase came from the the current tax rate, up from 8.22696 to 8.40647.

I see property tax bills for 2008 as being the "lull before the storm" unless the article in the JS today is incorrect saying "the average selling price of homes continued to drop, hitting $125,499 for the first quarter of 2009. That was nearly $10,000 lower than the average price a year ago."

And unless the County Board Chairman believes it is still not time to take action toward what appears to be a very unrealistic Board of Review. Also, a badly needed change in the state law would make it simpler for people to file a protest and a more reasonable Board of Review would erase the worry protesters have that they wouldn't be retaliated against by having their taxes raised for protesting.

As a reminder, if you have filed a protest and haven't learned the results of your request for reduction, when you pay this year in June. mark your check with the term "paid under protest".

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