Saturday, April 25, 2009

District #150 - Flashback 1/4/03

Dennis Bailey, co-partner at Clifton Gunderson, the accounting firm said "This school district has to stop overspending. Time is running out. You really need to take immediate action. The board is responsible for setting policy, including the adoption of the district's annual budget, and administration is responsible for implementing board policy. Last year, in my closing comments to the board, I stated that the district was facing an impending financial crisis. Well, that crisis is getting much closer."

So said Dennis Bailey in statements made 6 years and 4 months ago. U.S. Representative Aaron Schock, during part of this period, was not only on this board but president of this board. That elected, non-paid, 5 year term board was not competent then to run #150 and it is not competent to run it 76 months later. I do not say that these are not good people but they lack the experience and skills to manage 16,000 human bodies and an $150,000,000.00 budget.

If the state hasn't taken this district over, these statements will be repeated with accuracy 76 month from now.

Wake, up, Peoria, stop making museums, etc., as your top priorities or you would have put a stop to this nonsense years ago. Peoria has put itself in such a position that no one qualified wants to run for the board as was proven again this past election.

Good copy for the media though who can't write Peoria is really a "dull" city with all spending of money with such doubtful results.

Good grief. Maybe we should invite Jay Leno to do a show from some of the "golden eggs" all our taxes have laid. Start with In-Play, Damon's, RiverStation, Tillys, the Gateway Building, One Tech Plaza, the booming downtown, soon to be enlivened by a museum and a Caterpillar Visitors Center with underground parking, our river filling up with silt, our potholded streets, our crumbling curbs and sidewalks and our flooded streets on the south side and finishing with a tour of all the closed commercial buildings for sale, some on the market for up to 10 years. View some of the mismatched architecture such as the mostly deserted new (old) Bank Plus Building, Furniture Row out at the Shoppes, the expensive homes sitting empty on the north and northwest side of Peoria and invite some of the extremely overtaxed property owners to comment about our partially defunct property tax system. Or the bare ground where ballparks promised for years by the PPD were never built or the new northside library (if you can find the projected site). Not to forget the 400 or so structurally unsound or abandoned homes in Peoria City and County.

Be sure to show him the results of all our TIF 'ing' of our "blighted" city, enterprise zones and the former Cub's Grocery on Knoxville

Then, visit all the money losing already built "enhancement" projects which we have adopted as our priorities. I think Leno would be the right person to "spread the word" for our under funded Convention Bureau.

Last stop, have Jay visit a Monday night #150 school board meeting whose actions are helping "grow the city".

This blog is mostly written "tongue in cheek" make believe but that is the kind of city we have become and will be once the "world class" museum is built and the 33,000sq. ft. old Lakeview Museum in a center city, potentially beautiful location, sits as another empty. Unless, of course, the PPD relocates their offices there and reaches the $60,000,000.00 budget I predicted not in the too distant future. Remember, the goal at Glen Oak Park is to spend $129 million over a period of time.

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