Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vote No Signs Still Being Vandalized

Four more "Vote No" signs were vandalized and 2 were stolen. My offer for reward money still stands and I will accept media calls that call me wanting a story and pictures. These punk kids have mothers and fathers who evidently do not realize their punk kids they are shooting themselves in the foot.

No other signs have I seen vandalized. We ordered a lot of signs and events like these revive my energy.


Diane Vespa said...

Merle, First of all I didn't do it.

Secondly, I notice a lot of the "Vote no" signs are improperly placed on public right of ways. Are you and the CRS aware of the sign ordinances, and if so, are you explaining proper sign placement to your sign putter-outers?

The Vote Yes signs all seem to be legally placed on private property, with few exceptions.

Anonymous said...

Dear Diane,

Have you noticed all the signs on the "hill", corner of Allen Road and Route 150, public rightaway and that the largest sign that is illegally placed is the Build-A-Block sign?

Why not?

What about all the hundreds of other political signs that are on public property? Have you seen any of them vandalized. And have you emailed or called all of these people to call attention to their errors?

If not, why not?

Merle's complaint is about vandalizism. You appear to be just complaining about improperly placed "no" vote signs.

Why is that?

Thanks for your noticing the "no" vote signs.

Marlow said...

I just heard of this tonight. This is astounding to me in that some backers of this museum could stoop to such a level and have this done.