Thursday, March 19, 2009

PRM Fact Finding Town Hall Meetings - Open to All

Citizens For Responsible Spending and myself will be hosting Town Hall Meetings at Lakeview Library on March 23 and March 26, 7:00 PM.. In the meantime you will find our site informative.

Yard signs and handouts will be available. Contributions to fund our efforts may be made to Citizens for Responsible Spending, P.O. Box 641. Peoria, Il. 61652-0641.

Those of you who wish more information or are opposed to the public Facility Tax Referendum, please show up to assist us in our mission to keep Peoria an affordable place to live. With the involvement of Peoria County in ownership and the shortage of funds raised by the museum promoters, there is much more involved than just a sales tax that will take $72-$80 million out of your pockets in the next 20 years.

Remember, despite promises to the contrary, have you ever known of a tax that "went away"?

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