Sunday, March 08, 2009

Just Another $72 Million Musuem Tax

Sent to me by a friend from Woodford County. And just a reminder that the $.25 sales tax the museum promoters and other hired and elected officials want to "foist" on the public, adds up to $72 million in 20 years according to the Peoria County Administrator and operating costs of the museum will be $8,000,000.00, that's 8 million dollars a year, when the County assumes total ownership.

Sure, the issue will be determined by the voters, the museum spending over $600,000.00 in "educational" advertising while the opposition has spent $0 to date.

The contracts that will be drawn up will be by the museum's attorney, John Elias, one of the more crafty attorneys in Peoria, and the counties attorney.


Dear IRS,
I am sorry to inform you that I will not be able to pay taxes owed April 15 but all is not lost.

I have paid these taxes: accounts receivable tax, building permit tax, CDL tax, cigarette tax, corporate income tax, dog license tax, federal income tax, unemployment tax, gasoline tax, hunting license tax, fishing license tax, waterfowl stamp tax, inheritance tax, inventory tax, liquor tax, luxury tax, Medicare tax, city, school and county property tax (up 33 percent last 4 years), real estate tax, social security tax, road usage tax, toll road tax, state and city sales tax, recreational vehicle tax, state franchise tax, state unemployment tax, telephone federal excise tax, telephone federal state and local surcharge tax, telephone minimum usage surcharge tax, telephone state and local tax, utility tax, vehicle license registration tax, capitol gains tax, lease severance tax, oil and gas assessment tax, Colorado property tax, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma and New Mexico sales tax, and many more that I can't recall but I have run out of space and money.

When you do not receive my check April 15, just know that it is an honest mistake. Please treat me the same way you treated Congressmen Charles Rangel, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and ex-Congressman Tom Daschle and, of course, your boss Timothy Geithner. No penalties and no interest.

P.S. I will make at least a partial payment as soon as I get my stimulus check.


Anonymous said...

Steve Weibring writes why don't hit my employer up for $78,000,000
I going to ignore the banking collapse, 25% unemployment, countless homes vacant, up sale, 20,000 laid off at caterpillar and countless small businesses going out of business how about you.

Peoria AntiPundit said...

Nice letter to the IRS. I got that in an email 2 weeks ago.