Monday, March 02, 2009

Citizens For Responsible Spending

Visit our website at and click on the various categories including our mission statement, why we believe the expectation bar has been raisied way too high, why people are getting fed up with "small" taxes added to existing taxes while more and larger taxes are on the horizon.

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The museum promoters are spending $640,000 on wild expectations, expectations if so wildly desired by the voters, why spend more than half a million dollars on advertising??

Caterpillar and museum promoters have had years and years to raise the money from the private sector. They couldn't even do that but with Ray LaHood cheer leading and still trying to slide money from the stimulus package into another one of his famous earmarks, the museum underground garage, etc.

Today, the museum needs from the taxpayer, moved to $37,000,000.00 up from $24 million a year ago and up $3,000,000.00 from less than a month ago.

Our politicians bring earmarks back to the area and then blame everybody else but themselves for government spending out of control. I'm sick of listening to them.

Good grief. Are we a bunch of idiots or what? With favorable or unfavorable interest rates, plan on $80,000,000.00 of taxpayer dollars, the large majority from Peoria County residents.

As an aside, the County Boards most ardent museum tax supporter, Board Member Tim Riggenbach, when asked what his favorite exhibit at Lakeview that he visited last year; Riggenbach said it was Rembrandt. When asked him how his kids enjoyed it, he said he didn't take them. That led me to my next question. How many times do you visit Lakeview Museum a year? After a moments hesitation, he admitted once a year.

Oh well, Tim is a nice guy, he means well and has a nice wife and kids and is a banker. I still consider him a friend.

No wonder the County Administrator and board majority are planning on raising $40,000,000.00.

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