Saturday, February 28, 2009

Musem Promoters Laments

In paying tribute to nationally acclaimed sciences fiction writer Peorian Philip Jose Farmer the JSEB wrote "In 2001, this opinion page lamented that Peoria still had no museum to showcase the life of a "giant of the genre" whose name is mentioned in the same breath with legendary peers Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clark. Eight years later and there's still no museum. If one ever gets built, Philip Jose Farmer would have a prominent place in it. How many of our notables have to die before we get one".

Lakeview Museum, underutilized with 33,000 square feet of space doesn't have space to honor this man? Don't count on a new museum allotting much space to Mr. Farmer much space with many other Peoria notables and with 5 groups scrambling for 83,000 square feet of space with wide halls, lesson room, a restaurant, Imax, storage space.

Why do museum promoters keep acting like Lakeview doesn't exist or could have been or still could be greatly expanded working with the PPD who owns the land, building and the whole area.

Any possibility the PPD could be a little piqued with the museum promoters because the PPD and the Children's Playhouse have not as yet completed there fund raising?

Note the two intelligent letters in the JSEB opinion section today.

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