Wednesday, October 01, 2008

President Bush - Visit to Peoria

If you followed the news today, our presidents visit may have been a boon to the economy in Peoria. That's my interpretation of a grant awarded to a local firm on the amount of $4 million.

To you naysayers, I say a $4 million dollar injection is worth more than $30+ thousand to protect him.



tommy douglas said...

I couldn't agree more, Merle.

I have no problems with the scenario if the president would have been a Democrat coming to Peoria to do the same thing that went down in July. But apparently some local Democrats like that clown Sandberg are so full of anger and hate for Mr.Bush that he felt he had to set a precedent for the future.

Merle Widmer said...

Tommy, I had a dear friend fron Normal Illinois named Tom Douglas who would now be my age. Lost track of him.

Sandberg is a far left learning Democrat with a huge axe to grind because he has evidently never made amy money in the private sector so he hates the private sector. He evidently lives in a neighborhood so depressed that he only paid $480 property taxes last year. Yet he claims to have added a lot of sq. feet to his property. He has an ex on the City Council who ususally doesn't support his no vote, but is in great admiration of him when he does his political posturing. He has the ability to confuse the city council. He has been the single "no' voter probably more times than any government elected official in the history of Peoria.

A single no voter means that the politician does not have the ability to sell his position to any other Councilperson.

He is also a professed hater of Peoria County since at least 1980 something.

Sandberg is the leader of the far left leaning Democrats in the Peoria area who vent their rage and ignorance on an almost daily basis in letters to the editor to make it appear that they run the country.

They are getting close.

If they ever get more political control, this country is further in deep-doo-doo.

Obama is a far left leaning wolf being dressed up by his handlers in sheep's clothing. Sandberg can't afford the "handlers" to dress him up or he would be a far greater danger.