Thursday, October 30, 2008

Historic Vote - Once It's Done, It's Done

For those of you who feel as strongly about this election as I do read Daniel Henninger in today's WSJ. His opinion column, "The True Meaning of 'Historic Vote', says that Obama's programs would transform the animating American idea--away from creation to protection. He says "Many voters--progressive Democrats, the asset-safe-rich, academics and college students-regard this as where America soul go. They explicitly want America's great natural energies transferred away from unwieldy economic competition and toward social construction. They want the U.S. to reduce its "footprint" in the world. Monies saved by stepping down from superpower status can be reprogrammed into "investments" (a favorite Obama word) in a vast Euro-style hammock of social protection.

One wishes McCain had been able to make clear what the truly "historic" meaning of Tuesday's vote is. Once it's done, its done."

The "Professional Black Victims" cartel run by the Jesse Jackson's, Al Sharpton's and Barack Obama's message is for lower income blacks who may have dreams of their own to be "victims" for life. While the black people who are living middle class lives like most of us, are just "uncle tom's".

White people never did use that term. But black racists like Jackson, Sharpton and Rangel won't let it die.

Here is what Obama mentor Louis Farrakhan told a Nation of Islam Savior's Day gathering, "You are the instruments that God is going to use to bring about universal change, and that is why Barack has captured the youth. And he has involved young people in a political process that they didn't care anything about (I add or "know" anything about). That's a sign. When the Messiah speaks, the youth shall hear, and the Messiah (Obama) is absolutely speaking."

When Obama is president, any opposition we voice against his "compassionate" policies to redistribute our possessions to the "victims" will be met with charges of racism. As Louis Farrakan has told us, the Messiah has spoken.

For the 12% of Republicans who plan to "sit out" this election, you should listen to the words of George Newman, an economist and retired businessman "free economy in a McCain administration are bad, and in an Obama administration FAR WORSE. Get over your snit fits and get out and vote. Or are you "sit out" Republicans the same as the ones I described in paragraph one? Or just wealthy religious fundamentalists and believers in abortion on demand?

So sad.

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