Saturday, October 25, 2008

Governments Massive Intrusion

Ted Dahl of Peoria writes "It's massive intrusion into our market system brings us closer to a Marxist ideal, socialism or communism. People of high rank are very apt to consider the power of indulging in some degree of excess as one of the advantages of their fortune, and the liberty of doing so without censure or reproach one of the privileges which belong to their station, quoting Adam Smith, "Wealth of Nations".

Ted knows that he and many of us like my old friend and long time Peorian Mel Ghighi, whose recent LTTE of the JSEB said" Go with what we know", did try to reproach the "body politic" and most of them didn't listen. And when they did listen, they listened to the left leaning liberals. Neither did the apparently majority of non-reading and "Hollywood" enamoured public. They are probably going to elect a man who by his own admissions plans to expand the role of government in most areas of our private life, especially by using the force of government to "spread the wealth". 13 or 14% said they welcome that; more handouts, less work and responsibility.

Why speak up or write the truth when the majority of the people in this country no longer read serious material? Does one think the people the corrupt ACORN solicits to register for the first time to vote, are serious readers? Many of these "new voters" will not be able to handle the voting instructions without assistance and some "assisting" will help influence for whom or (who) they cast their ballot. Election officials and the few observers will be so overwhelmed by the turnout that observors will not be able to "observe" who is cheating.

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