Friday, October 03, 2008

Go Figure

Passed on to me by a friend. People usually don't care much about how the prices they pay are determined. They do not figure that all businesses that pay taxes on their profits must have the cash in hand, not merchandise, to pay the income taxes, if they make a profit, when they come due. Corporations, businesses, large and small, make money from adding in all costs to what YOU buy, no matter how much money you have. Private entities doing business, providing services,etc.; must be competitive so they can stay in business to not only supply your needs but also be able to hire and afford labor. And pay labor a livable wage. No profitable businesses; then no jobs and no money for either rich of poor or in between to spend. Spending makes the world go round, as long as you don't spend more than you can AFFORD now or in the future.

When we spend on a guess that we will have the money to meet all our expenses, including taxes, operating and payroll, we have financial messes that affect all of us poor planners.

I don't pardon the greedy and the crooked, no matter where they live, car they drive, house they own or lifestyles they lead.

Many like to see the rich and arrogant go broke. But remember, they too must pay taxes that give you infrastructure and enhancements and they pay our salaries, etc.
Plus, most of the rich are not arrogant. Many of the poor are also arrogant because of their jealousies, I suspect. Jihadists are arrogant to, driven by lack of balanced learning and a tremendous jealously of most people who have some measure of wealth.

Since taxes are usually uniform to similar businesses, selling prices are usually competitive or else businesses would close or change missions, which, of course, many do both for many reasons including failing to have enough "cash" to pay their taxes.

Many are trying to force this country into a socialist type of "equality". Been tried by many and it doesn't work. A welfare state doesn't work either. Read up on honest history.



Senator Obama and the Dems just don't get it. When you tax the large corporations more they just pass it along to the consumers. (poor and rich)

Guess what, the rich will be able to pay the extra for the goods and services from the corporations as a result of the Obama tax approach, but what about the poor who need and use the same goods and services?. Who will take the beating?

Come on liberals, lets use some common sense!
(Common sense is very uncommon today!)

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