Friday, October 10, 2008

America's Lack of Serious Reading

The propensity of large numbers of potential voters to read anything of serious content, view too many sitcoms, watch and listen to late night show talking heads, watch too many Hollywood politically motivating movies, listen to and read too much left wing liberal news, watch too many hate driven diatribes coming from the likes of MSNBC and CNN, too many "dyed in the wool" Democrats; these voters will probably naively guide this country down the final road to being a welfare state and eventually, the worst possible scenario; a dictatorship.

If we believe it can't happen to America, we are not paying attention to history and what is happening in our big cities like Detroit and Los Angeles.

I have tried to fairly present the facts I have gleaned from many sources including CNN and MSNBC and post them on my this site. I have forwarded hundreds of emails, disseminating information I believe to be true. Or accept FACTS that challenge my facts. I receive about 30 emails a day; some promotional, some good jokes and some bad jokes. I gather and interpret much detail to separate the facts from the chatter.

I know I have a small audience of 600 or so a week but I am driven to get out the truth as I can best decipher.

John McCain, who I do support, has proven he is not a great debater but a man whose emotions reveal his great love for this country. And his disdain for many in Washington, on Wall Street and in some morally corrupt private institutions. But he has lumped the good with the bad. Unfortunately, without major corporations like locally headquartered Caterpillar, (as a stockholder and a resident of Central Illinois, I hope so) most financial institutions, much of Wall Street, some non-politically motivated D.C. lawmakers and watchdogs and honest lobbyists we will not be able to rise from our current mess.

McCain and Palin surely know this but are putting too much emphasis on the evils of these institutions and not enough emphasis how they would change the cultures.
Also, not enough facts on who Obama really is. The facts are SLOWLY being made public but not by the liberal media. Such as Obama's connection with the seriously corrupt ACORN.

Challenge Obama's claim to reduce taxes for 90% of the taxpayers while imposing some of the most business unfriendly taxes in modern history. Challenge his claim that he will not raise taxes on any family making under $250,000.

For the sake of this country help reveal this charismatic charlatan and demagogue.

Read my previous blogs as to the reasons we reached one of the worst times in my recent memory. I am not highly confident that we can find our way out of this morass.

Much depends on our November election. Otherwise, I would have someshat greater optimism.

Polls indicate that to many people support more taxes and more government. I fear the consequences.I would appreciate you readers who think my site worth reading to pass it on to your friends.

Thank you.

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