Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fox News Special - Who is the REAL Obama?

I just finished watching this special. I shift from Fox to CNN to get a "fair and balanced" background check of the candidates. I have accumulated a large file on Senator Obama. Add to my blog "Labor Day Blues" this review of Obama's career by Fox News that I just finished watching. The newscast concluded by asking, "which is the real face of Barack Obama.

Much information is out in all types of media about what I and millions of others feel is the most dangerous man ever to be this close to be elected President of the United States of America.

"God damn America" spouting Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama's mentor, pastor, the radical far left preacher who married Obama and Michelle and baptised both of their children. After the exposed video surfaced on this vicious attack on our country , (there are thousands of other sermons that were not filmed or are not available for viewing that the public will never see but Obama and his wife did see and never refuted one word until this and other exposures.

When the news about Jeremiah Wright broke, Obama is quoted and filmed saying "I can never desert Reverend Wright no more than I can desert the black people".

Tony Retzko, Chicago hoodlum convicted on 16 federal charges, served on Obama's fund raising financial committee. Obama said the Retzko was one of the first he talked to in his decision to run for president and Obame claimed Retzko as a friend. Obama later on contributed all the money Retzko helped raise to charity. (Has anyone checked the backgrounds of the charities?) Anyone who received money under highly questionable circumstances would gladly give the money back if suspicions of their source were questioned. This is not "anyone", this is a man seeking the highest office in our country!

Retzko helped Obama with Obama's house and lot purchase at below market levels. Obama says now that this was a "boneheaded" mistake he made. Sure, he said that, he was exposed.

Obama is admittedly part of the Chicago Democrat machine. He supported and is supported by our sitting governor who will hopefully soon be indicted but probably not before November 4. This state will vote Democrat again even if Jimmy Hoffa, Sr. could be resurrected and ran for governor.

If you have not read my other blogs on Obama's background, I invite you to and invite you to refute anything I am saying with facts. My appraisals of Obama are made on facts available from hundreds of sources. I only wrote about his wife when she received a mysterious $200,000.00 raise in one year and when she said "she is just now beginning to feel like an American. Also, she has made every indication that she is going to help Barack run this country.

Good grief.

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