Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Charter Schools in Peoria

Time is NOW for community leaders to get into serious discussion to create at least one charter school in Peoria. INCS (Illinois Network of Charter Schools) made a presentation to the Peoria Neighborhood Alliance Meeting last night at AMT. Unfortunately, the Alliance had many other presentations including revisions to their bylaws, presentations by John Kunski (Rental Registration and Inspection Programs changes) and Michael Sims, (Low income, crime prevention, low cost housing and monies available over the next two years); both from the city, so by the time City Councilman Jim Montelongo's sponsored Charter school presentation was delivered, half the attendees had left. Little time was left for questions and answers.

INCS touts considerable success; 39 Charter public schools serving over 23,000 students. Fifteen of these schools are in the Chicago area, 84% of the students come from low income families and 65% are black and 29% are from south of the border.

You can contact the organization at 312-235-0789 or contact Dan Kramer, Dircetor of Education at 773-548-9705. Mr Kramer is located at ACE TECH High School at 5410 State Street.

I strongly support the Edison concept although I was disappointed in Loucks the last few years (Loucks is being closed) but perhaps the building could be used as a Charter school. I also strongly support Charter schools and have accumulated a large file on successes and failure across the country. Critics say Edison types and Charter schools do not improve grades that much. In some cases that is true. Much depends on the quality of the board, administrator, principals and students attending. However, I know and it is proven that the job of the education system is to turn out a well rounded product who can hold a job, support a family of some description and stay out of being one of the more tnat 11 million people who now serve from 30 days to life in our United States of America security law and order systems.

Again, I say, wake up, Peoria! Peoria Public School District #150 with it's restrictive union and promotion by tenure, is not holding the interest and educating low income kids the way Charter schools can.

Plus competition is good as it usually causes improvement in all education or a narrowing of the number of competing entities.

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Merle Widmer said...

I failed to note that this important and publicized meeting appeared NOT to be covered by our leading local newspaper.

I do note that the juvenile violence or at least moronic juvenile behavior at Expo and the riverfront is being well covered. Where do our "leaders' think these kids are going to school and getting "educated"? Metamora and Washington? Probably not too many.