Friday, May 23, 2008

Smaller, Less Intrusive Government

Former Presidential candidate Fred Thompson is quoted in the WSJ as follows:
Conservatism is alive and well in America; don't let anyone tell you differently. And by conservatism, I don't mean the warmed-over "raise your hand if you believe..." kind of conservatism we see blooming every election cycle. No, I'm speaking of the conservatism grounded in principles based on enduring truths; an understanding of the importance of human nature in the affairs of individuals and nations. Respect for the lessons of history, the importance of faith and tradition. The understanding that while man is prone to err, he (she) is capable of great things when not subjugated by a too-powerful government."

Well, Fred, spoken like a politician. This is what I would like to believe but so many contradictions arise daily that I question how alive the conservatism I believe in is fairing.

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Oscar the Grouch said...

Republicanism is not dead--far from it--but American "conservatism" as we have come to know it is.