Monday, February 25, 2008

"We Don't Have all the Facts Yet"

Statement by the new Bradley University President in today's JS on Bradley Basketball player and Co-Captain Dan Ruffin. "You can't base decisions on what you don't know", says Bradley freshman Jesse Reynolds. "If it's true,it sets a bad example (for the rest of team).

Diamond Tyree was upset to hear of another athlete facing criminal charges. "Our athletes get away with murder; so why would it stop?" All it does is increase the rules for us, while it doesn't evens effect the ones doing it...It's not really fair. they don't really get punished."

This the fourth incident of athletes violating codes of conduct. I suggest the new president set up a code of conduct for all who represent the university in after school activities.

If the men's basketball coach had a code of conduct it doesn't appear he is capable of enforcing it. One fact is obvious. There are no curfew codes being enforced. the Bradley basketball player was still active doing something in the early morning hours BEFORE he was to be playing in a basketball game being broadcast on national TV.

Win at all costs sets terrible examples for youths everywhere in this country but then look at the "role models" they emulate from locals to entire country "role models". Look what happened to the men's basketball program at the University of Illinois. Note also that some who disrupted that program also came from Peoria. What does this say about a community that is trying to survive and grow in a very competitive environment?

Guilty or not three or more players in the last 60 days have violated curfew codes of conduct or as it appears the coach does not have codes he is capable of or wants to enforce.

The question is who is running the basketball program? If the coach is being paid in the $300,000.00 a year range and he hasn't yet won a conference or a Valley Tournament title, is it too much for the money to hold his recruits to a code of conduct without the help of the president and board of directors?

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