Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Peoria Riverfront Museum New Developments

While this information was passed to all members of the Peoria County Board as "Confidentially, we want to share new developments regarding this important project", I feel that if the museum committee is taking action to reach goals that will convince the taxpayers of the area to accept more of the benefits and the risks of this project, the committee needs to become more, not less, transparent. The new developments are as follows:

1. The CEO Roundtable, which is chaired by Michael Bryant and includes top CEO's and business leaders in the community, has agreed to take the leadership role in raising the additional private monies needed during the remainder of 2008.

2. Senator David Koehler is putting legislative language to submit in the spring legislative session (Refer JS 2/22 article by Adriana Colindres "Museum Funding gets initial backing"). "About $25.5 million has been raised so far toward the museum ,meaning it will still need another $40 to $50 million", Richerson said. Brad McMillan, former co-chair of the Museum Collaboration Group, has agreed to chair a broad based, bi-partisan Museum Referendum Task Force.

3. The project is closely looking at ways to ensure broader regional financial participation.

4. The project has retained a marketing firm to put together an exciting public relations campaign explaining to the community what will be included inside the Peoria Riverfront Museum.

The document concludes "We plan to go public with this new leadership team and communications strategy by the first week in April."

As a taxpayer in this overtaxed community, I will keep myself best informed and pass whatever I feel should be made public to those of you who read this site, and others. As an active member of the County Board, it is my obligation to promote all projects that I deem to be in the best interests of the voters I represent.

More blogs on the subject to follow.


Karrie E. Alms said...

There is no such tax as a temporary sales tax increase. Think Peoria Civic Center ---- because once approved if not used for future upgrades of the orginal project / sales tax increase or some other pork barrel project.

Please say NO, please vote NO --- we cannot afford any more debt as a community. The rising prices of utilities, gasoline, food, health care --- our wallets are already strained to the point of rupture --- no more taxes.

Anonymous said...

Hang this museum.