Monday, November 19, 2007

Surface Transportation Board Ruling

The STB ruled that Kellar Railway will remain a railway. Now we will see whether the trail promoters will ask whoever runs the railway if they will allow a trail to run beside the rails. I’m told it is not possible to have both but I suspect the trail could leave the railway path detouring down a streets or sidewalks and rejoin the railway path at a juncture further up or down..

For a more complete story on the STB ruling and other information regarding the ruling, visit the blog site of C.J.Summer.


Anonymous said...

Ya know the path of the Keller Branch goes thru the not so good part of town as the north end. So who do you think will "jog" on the trail from the Heights to down town? Going the other way there are so many busy streets to cross, who will use this part of the path? Well, I for one would use both. Let's build the trail now and get on with it !!!

Merle Widmer said...

North Side? The trail promoters (a handful but loud) convinced the taxpayers to build a bridge over Knoxille at a cost estimated around $1.3 million. Two years later your tax dollars paid for lighted 'stop-and-go lighted crossing adjacent to the bridge on Knoxville.

Prudent planning by your elected officials and engineers intereested in only the profits??

Sure and typical.