Friday, November 02, 2007

Books in our Public Libraries - Recommended Reading

“Letters to a Young Teacher” by nationally renowned and award winning author and educator, Jonathon Kozol is recommended reading for anyone of any age. To steal a phrase, “What a Wonderful Book! Anyone who cares about rebuilding our public education system should read it. I could not put it down.”

Another book that was hard to stop reading is a new book by Garrison Keillor, “Pontoon: a Lake Wobegon Novel”. Garrison tells it like it is and some might struggle to accept his interpretations of life in the Lake Wobegon area or maybe some resemblance to life all over the country.

A judge friend of mine asks that I blog more. I plan to. And thanks for reading me, Judge Shadid and also Judge Kouri. Computer crashes were driving me away from blogging until my friends helped me solve the problems. Anyway it’s working fine again. A new Dell Laptop is on order.

Also, a temporary health set back made me lose my energy but this did not prevent me from filling in for our Board Chairman Bill Prather: Bill also has some temporary health set backs. Bill requested that I conduct our full board monthly October meeting and the Executive Committee meeting Thursday. Plus I still average reading about 3 books a week and I soak up Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

Still playing some tennis and visiting two sisters in local nursing homes. I feel best when I’m involved as I believe everyone usually does. Might hold off some diseases longer as we age. For you who have called me an old man, don’t worry, you’ll be old one day also if you live that long. For an old man, I do quite well, thank you.

Thanks for reading me.

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Merle Widmer said...

I recognize that Kozol is pretty much of a Socialist. I've listened to him speak and read some of his writings. I differ with him on a number of his positions but I still recommend that he be read. His experiences with poverty families are realistic.

He is adamantly opposed to vouchers and private schools.

He seems at times to ignore the negatives that powerful teachers unions bring to some of our largest school systems. And the damage that can be done by trying to govern school systems from ivory towers.

Teachers tell me that teaching to the test doesn't leave enough time for innovation and interaction.

Read and listen to Star Parker. She is no Socialist and no friend of the left. She takes the opposite view on vouchers and private sector schools. However, her faith based beliefs may be more than some can handle. That includes me.

No politican running for President can express themselves better than she can.