Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

On 3/13/07, I blogged on Ms. Ali being forced into hiding because of her statements about Muslims who treat women as baby machines; these son factories as she calls them. She says it is a tolitarian method similar to what Nazi Germany did in producing soldiers. In an article in the October issue of The Atlantic, Ms.Ali argues that “there is a deep link between Muslim faith and violence.” She compares violent Islam with Judaism and Christianity. “Adherents of these religions over the centuries have been pacified to understand and accept the separation of the divine and worldly…Nowhere in the Muslim world has that profound pacification of Islam..taken place. And I think that is the difference.

The vast majority of Muslims today will not commit acts of terrorism but if Islam is defined as submitting to the will of Allah; the sixth obligation is to convert others to Islam, first by peaceful means, then by violence. Islam’s treatment of women; some states have progressed to the point of where they “only beat their women lightly” while most domestic violence is above the law and genital mutilations are sanctioned.

Robert Morgan Emerson of Anacortes, Wash. writes about MS. Ali rejection of forced religious beliefs (read the Koran all day every day is considered an education) and he believes that “histories worst tyrants have used their positions of power to design versions of a deity, capitalizing on vast human ignorance and become gods themselves.” He quotes from Lenin that “Only after the last king is strangled in the entrails of the last priest will we have freedom” bears some contemporary reconsideration.”

Ms. Ali is a brave person and one can only hope that her speaking out will not cost her her life at the hands of an Islamfascist.

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AdamB said...

Violent fundamentalism certainly isn't limited to Islam, however. Ask Eric Rudolph if there's a deep link between Christianity and violence.