Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ms.Hirsi Ali --- Extremist or Just Not Politically Correct?

On March 10, 2007, the WSJ ran a lengthy article about this Muslim lady from the Netherlands now seeking asylum in the U.S. She is the politically incorrect person who triggered a hate wave from extreme Muslims that has shaken up Old Europe and her actions may have led to the assassination of the well known Dutch artist, Van Gough.

I requote some parts of her interview as I feel she is a very courageous lady who is trying to tell the world, that we ought to be looking at what is going on in the between the religious groups now in disarray in Iraq and elsewhere and spreading their Muslim society beliefs in all parts of the world. She is quoted as saying, “People who live in democratic societies are not supposed to settle their differences by killing one another. And yet contemporary democracies accommodate the incitement of such behavior: The multiculturalism theology , like all theologies, is cruel, is wrongheaded , and is arguable because it is utter dogmatic…Minorities are exempted from the obligations of the rest of society, so they don’t improve….with this theory you limit them and keep them in their place. (Iraq has slipped back in time and wish to drag down the enlightened world they see as oppressors).

The most grievous failing of the West is self-congratulatory passivity: We face an external enemy that to a degree has become an internal enemy that has infiltrated the system and wants to destroy it. It’s easy to weigh liberties against the damage that can be done to society and decide to deny liberties. As it should be. A free society should be prepared to recognize the patterns in front of it, and do something about them.

The West must begin to think long term about its relationship with Islam—because the Islamists are. Birth rates are rapidly outstripping those elsewhere (especially in Western Europe) and this is a conscious attempt to extend the faith. Muslims treat women as baby and son factories. We need to compete with this. It is a totalitarian method similar to what the Nazis did using women as incubators, literally to give birth to soldiers. Islam is doing it now. It is a very effective and very frightening way of dealing with human beings.”

Mr. Rago, WSJ Editorial Page writer says “all of this is profoundly politically incorrect. She forces us back to principles, and she punctures complacencies. These ought to be seen as virtues, even as some ideas are disturbing or objectionable. Society, after all, sometimes needs to be aroused from its slumbers by agitators who go too far so that other will go far enough.”

Ms.Ali is forced into hiding and in danger of being assassinated. I hope that when she does come to our country to wake all of us up; those who have become complacent and think of our enemies as being in some far off places where they can not do us harm. Think again. Honor all who serve to protect our way of life from those who are trying with considerable success to eventually destroy us or enslave us to their fundamentalist and terrorist ways of life. Lay aside our personal hatreds of many of those who lead us and continue to agitate for our leaders to keep those who would enslave us from the opportunity to do just that.

We must do a better job of electing more knowledgeable strong leaders so we can win back the faith of the voters and the respect of the civilized world. This is an absolute priority.

This blog site is a Peoria Watch but we must look beyond the Peoria area and realize that as we drift into apathy (9% of registered voters voted in our last election) those who feel oppressed are plotting to overthrow the structural forces that oppressed them. It makes sense to minorities to make social justice a priority over their individual pursuit of education and wealth Social justice of the oppressed includes beheading, dismembering, and enslaving the innocent as well, as all who do not believe as they do, are considered oppressors.

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illich said...

There is a smartness or a sensiblity I notice in the dialogue of generations such as yours and those preceding yours but which seems lacking in those following, i.e., the baby boomers, and, hence, my parents and your gens offspring. I don't think that politcal correctness can win a war such as we find ourselves involved. I don't think that the civilized west behaving above and better than the enemy will defeat the enemy. Quatanamo is nothing. Sheik Mohammad doesn't deserve a civil trial or our societal and constitutional beneficence but a militaristic trial. Abu Grahib with its stacking of naked bodies and threatening of prisoners with dogs pales in comparison to an electric drill forced into ones shoulder, hip or skull. As I review the dailys on this war on terror I only wish that we had more people in place within our government the likes of a Washington, a Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy or Reagan. Instead I feel our government is a mixture of the likes of a Jimmy Carter, Abbey Hoffman, Richard Nixon, Tom Hayden, Lyndon Johnson and Marion Barry. I would still be diffident with a democrat administration running this war. I just don't think this generation of leaders on both sides of the isle has what is needed. We need a Churchill not a Moody Blues lead singer.