Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Delivering the News in a Fair and Respectful Manner

“Gutless Rants Hurt Journalism” is the header on a column in the JS today. For years media like the Journal Star have printed biased information on public figures and those attacked had no way to fight back. When I was libeled by the JS a few years ago, I visited an attorney who said, “You can’t fight a newspaper that buys their ink by the barrel”. He also said that no one has won a libel suit against the media in the State of Illinois in over 40 years. He said the only thing to do was to appeal to them to print the truth. In this instance I did request a correction the JS did print a correction but buried it in section B, page 11, in the lower left hand corner where few people saw it.

Then along came the bloggers. At first the media didn’t pay much attention to the bloggers. Then they began to notice people were reading what bloggers had to say. Then the bloggers started to blossom like flowers in a garden. Then the established monopoly media began worrying about the way bloggers were getting out the news in a “fair and balanced’ way, something people like today’s JS article writer never had to worry about. Now he does worry and he complains about the lack of civility and asks for “healthy debates”.

Before the bloggers, there was no way one could have a “healthy debate.” Thank goodness for bloggers!

The writer also says that “someone can drop a bomb on the media” on the web and writers like him can’t retaliate. He says the media doesn’t just sell newspaper, it sells legitimacy. Hmmmmm. What he doesn’t say that the media often takes the liberty of “slanting” a story and printing half-truths to embarrass people the writer or the media doesn’t like. What a hypocrite! This writer loves to drop bombs on public figures he doesn’t like knowing they can only retaliate by sending letters to the Forum. He knows that the JSEB edits all letters to the editors. They decide which letters they wish to print. He knows that the person attacked can now only go on the defense when the damage is already done.

At first I laughed at this ridiculous writer; then I remembered that he teaches; journalism? I understand why most journalists are left wing liberals. They are being brainwashed by such liberals as this “teacher” and column writer. I will not mention this person’s name because I do not want him to get more uncivil comments. He says that he receives many; some from anonymous sources. I suggest he open a blog site and allow all of us that would care to read him see exactly what these “anonymous” comments are that he is receiving. The web must be a fright to this writer especially, and to others in the media who have always been able to attack without worrying about defending themselves from retaliation.

I, for many, say three cheers for the web. But we bloggers should all try to print the truth and report the news in a “fair and respectful” manner. Maybe our respect and fairness will “rub” off on the established media.


Anonymous said...

You really are an idiot. If you know anything about the PJ Satr writer to whom you refer, you would know that he is anything but a liberal!

Merle Widmer said...

Dear anony,

Let's say I know him as well as I want to know him.

Thanks for elevating me in your esteem.

Clue me in on what a P.J. Satr is??

John Quincy Anonymous said...

Mr. Luciano has no reason to feel this way since people are responding and commenting by the rules that are set by his paper website as they are for this website or others. If comments were to be solicited by providing some sort of certified identifier then they would never have received as many responses to that column as they did.

Luciano is just another arrogant journalist with an elitist attitude. You know I would even bet he has a local blog under an anonymous title. But that's just indictitive of how much I suspect the integrity of journalists these days whether print or broadcast.

BTW, does the JS ever sign their editorials with names? Who actually writes that crapola? Why don't they all sign it individually, as a group or personally?