Thursday, December 14, 2006

Open Meetings Act Alleged Violation by the Peoria Park District

On December 12, the JS reported that the Peoria Park Board broke the law on the erasure of Executive Minutes tapes. Judge Barra also ruled that “the Peoria Park Board discussions at two closed meetings may have violated the open meeting act means the case can go to trial where the facts can be decided.”

The plaintiffs, Karrie Alms/Sara Partridge (Rally Peoria) need funds to pursue this action. Those of you who are supporting the plaintiffs and citizens of our community, should help them financially. Please send your donation whatever size to RALLY PEORIA, P.O. Box 44, Peoria, Il 61650-0044.

This lawsuit was filed to protect all taxpayers from public bodies operating as private entities with taxpayer dollars. The erasing of tapes allegedly covering Park Boaard/#150 School District dialogue while SUSPOSEDLY done accidentally, was ruled in violation of State of Illinois law by presiding Judge John Barra.

Thanks for your financial support and please do it today. This suit was brought to protect all citizens from public entities doing business in the dark rather than thru transparency.

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