Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Disappointing the JSEB

Yes, JSEB, the vote last night was 15-3 to reelect me as Vice Chairman of the Peoria County Board. The Journal Star should know; Molly P. does know, (she was in attendance) that the person nominating me was my friend Bob Baietto and the board member seconding my nomination was my friend Lynn Pearson. “Widmer’s weakness – communication” said the JSEB.

Communications skills my ass! The JSEB and a few of their writers, should look in the mirror.

When the JS is finally sold, which can’t be too soon for many of us, maybe we will get editors who “report the news rather than try to “make the news around their own prejudices” and revel in their character assassinations.

Yes, my reelection for a third term was closer than I would have liked but a win is a win. I didn’t put up any yard signs, send out a mailing, use a phone bank or spend any of my money; my handout was donated to me by a retired friend, his daughter and my daughter Mary Jo, a total of $900 plus, so I ran a calculated risk of not being reelected. If I had not been reelected, no big deal; I have plenty of things I still wish to do to add to a career some of the Journal Star “writers” and “editors” really do envy. To some of them I say “get a life”. It’s also past time for some in upper management to retire and enjoy their generous pensions and contemplate what they would have liked to have been.

I’ll start blogging again with more frequency in February. Right now I’m doing some more of the things I want to do. Like raising money for kids thru the Noon Optimist Club, spending time with my friends and family, reading books; just finished a good one by Fanny Flagg, and playing tennis. Yes, tennis indoors at the Clubs at River City. And some tennis tournaments in warmer climates, too.

People tell me “Merle, you can pick the time you want to step out of politics.”

Probably so.

I also want to say hello on this blog to Republican Matt Jones, political analyst and attorney. Hey Matt, how’s it going? You didn’t call to say congrats. Cat got your tongue? And I don’t want to miss acknowledging ex-politician turned “columnist” Roger Monroe. Hi Rog, how’s it going? And to Eldon Polhemus who said that the county is well run and attributes that to our capable administrator Patrick Urich and now out of office Dave Williams. Eldon is correct, but all board members, elected officials, employees, administration and staff make Peoria County one the best run boards in the country.

And all this in spite of the Journal Star which at times is this communities worst enemy.


Angie said...

Is it new Flagg book? I loved it-but I love all her books. My library is complete:)

Merle Widmer said...

Hi Angie,

Title is "Can't Wait to Get to Heaven". Good read.

matt jones said...

forgive me Merle, CONGRATULATIONS! Since election day, I've been spending most of my time with my new son, born October 18 (your card of congratulations must have been lost in the mail). I've also been doing my job in Springfield representing units of local government, law enforcement and the American Cancer Society. Also, I've been trying to represent some of my law firm clients in their divorces, collection actions, will contests etc. I apologize if you think that my failure to call you is some sign of disrespect and I really didn't know that my opinion mattered enough for you to chastize me in public. If it makes you feel better, I've also not called Carol Trumpe, Brad Horton, Trip O'Connor or Mike McCoy to congratulate them either. Somehow between 3 o"clock feedings, fighting bad public policy in Springfield and protecting the rights of my clients, politics found its appropriate place, secondary. If however, you feel compelled to snidely crow about a narrow victory in a 70+ % republican district and publicly insinuate that I'm somehow a secret backstabbing critic who owes you an apology for not publicly celebrating your coronation, then so be it. I don't have the time or further interest in wallowing in your mudpit. My conscience is clear. My priorities sound. Apparently you can't say the same. feel free to launch one of your classic public ad hominem attacks on me, ala your county board colleagues in the aftermath of the landfill debate. as kevin reminds us, it does not pay to wrestle a pig......