Friday, September 15, 2006

DDT and the World Health Organization

Just when I though I was taking a “blogger break”, I caught a headline in the WSJ today “WHO Calls for Spraying Controversial DDT to Fight Malaria”. What better news than “25 Iraqi’s killed in religious strife” as I see daily in the news. The article reads that WHO will encourage the spraying of SMALL amounts of DDT on walls and surfaces inside home in areas of highest risk of malaria. The spraying is usually conducted by government officials allowing them to keep tabs on the chemicals to assure their proper usages. The mosquito-borne disease malaria infects as many as 500 MILLION people a year and kills about a MILLION a year. Mostly thanks to the deceased Rachel Carson and her band of extreme so called environmentalists and weak Environmental Agency Officials. Carson wrote about protecting the egg shells of bald eagles from excessive use of DDT while killing millions of humans. Since DDT was TOTALLY banned after Carson’s book “Silent Spring” came out in 1960, you can attribute approximately 40 million deaths of poor people in the 3rd world, mainly Africa, to these do-good extremist environmentalists like Carson and weak elected and bureaucratic government officials.

The WJS article states that US Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma urged a stop to the boycotting of agriculture products from countries that DO use DDT for malaria control. Coburn says “As the experiences of South Africa and other African countries have demonstrated, DDT alone can reduce malaraia rates by 75% in less than two years.”

A group called “Beyond Pesticides” pushing for the total elimination of all pesticides is quoted as saying “the use of DDT is short-sighted and doesn’t recognize the long-term problems and hazards.” If this group wants the government to keep them totally safe, I hope they don’t drive a vehicle because 43,000 people were killed in vehicle related accidents last year and over one million injured. So I’m sure there are some nuts out there demanding that we all ride bicycles or horses.

Extremist environmentalist: I have six blogs this subject of “Extreme Environmentalists that cost his country BILLIONS of dollars a year. I am an environmentalist and abhor pollution, promote recycling and call attention to things that damage the health of other people. I try to use common sense in doing so. These extremists do not have the common sense to know that anything in excess is usually harmful to all living creatures. When DDT first came out it was used to excess in many places; children ran to spraying machines to be sprayed. That was proven wrong and DDT IMPROPERLY used is detrimental to life. So is alcohol, so is mercury (Most of us ingest small amounts of mercury every day) When something is going wrong, people with common sense take actions to slow it down or stop it but as soon as easily frightened people turn into groups, too many times they start looking to expand their power. Often, then common sense flies out the window.

For these extreme environmentalists, many of whom live in our area, there are no limits of projects they can stop once they find out threatening small groups who are able to catch the liberal media’s attention can wreak havoc with the economy and kill people by denying their needs. They’re the same people who on a sinking boat of 1000 people would demand the saving of the life of 1 person threatening the well being of 999; that person to saved as more important than saving the other 999. (If they were actually present as part of the 999, they might change their minds unless they have been promised 72 virgins (male or female) in whichever heaven they plan to ascend to.) Let all of us with a modicum of common sense and especially those who have their roots in Africa get behind Senator Coburn and the World Health Organization to move more quickly in wiping out malaria as we have done in the more sophisticated United States.

And start questioning people who make dramatic statement like “the Republicans are making the sky fall” and Peoria will become a “ghost town” or all of us in this country are going to be like “chicken little”.


knight in dragonland said...

I'm much more on the liberal end of the spectrum than Mr. Widmer, and I must admit that I don't know much about the specifics of the science behind the DDT ban. I, like Mr. Widmer, consider myself an environmentalist and think environmental & energy issues should be one of the top priorities in this country. I am also a medical professional, and I know that malaria is one of the top killers of humanity on this planet. The lost productivity due to malaria and other tropical diseases also contributes to the excess of poverty found in the nations bordering the equator.

I have to back you on this call. I think the responsible use of DDT could be lifesaving to millions.

Stormin' Norman said...

Disease is simply the method Mother Nature uses to thin out weak and dying members of a population. Problems occur with the natural life cycle balance whenever man feels the need to intervene and not allow Her to perform Her work...

knight in dragonland said...

IMO, environmentalism crosses a line into unhealthy extremism when it becomes misanthropic. You, Mr. Norman, just crossed that line. Actually, you catapulted across into the land of eugenics, a place home to some rather nasty swastika-wavers.

I hope you've never taken an antibiotic in your life, Mr. Norman. Otherwise you're quite the hypocrite.