Friday, August 18, 2006

Lebanon and the Hezbollah

The first reaction to the news today of a cease fire was treated by many with “exuberance”. Then later in the day, reality set in. The Hezbollah fired guns and publicly claimed victory. Then they said they would not lay down their arms. The stock markets first reaction sent the market up over 100 points. Then as the media mostly correctly presented the overall picture, the market went into negative territory rallying a few points up after President Bush also correctly assessed the cease fire.

You can read all about it and watch it on TV but if I was sending funds to Lebanon, it would only be to better their education, aid in housing the innocent citizenry and improve their health systems. I doubt if the destruction of that country’s infrastructure is over. Leaders in the United States with Lebanon connections, and there are many, should be encouraging the citizenry to see what exactly Hezbollah has had in mind all these years. Hezbollah finally pushed Israel to inflict major damage to Hezbollah headquarters, missile sites and transportation routes of weapons of destruction. Civilians were killed mainly because the cowardly terrorists used them as “human shields”. The Hezbollah knew that the liberal media (Now even Fox as some times) would take pictures of innocent people who were killed and maimed and pass these pictures of human destruction to the world to gain sympathy for Hezbollah in their efforts to annihilate Israel. Transportation routes for weaponry that come mainly from Iran trafficked thru Syria were destroyed or severely damaged unfortunately disrupting the lives of many who live in Lebanon. Rockets fired to start the conflict came from Hezbollah’s arsenal of 13,000 and severely disrupted life again in Israel.

Innocent people are always killed and maimed in conflicts such as Sherman’s march thru the Southern Confederacy and the bombing of London and Berlin in WW2.

If any country wants to send help to rebuild Lebanon's other infrastructures before this conflict is really resolved, let it be someone besides the United States.

These conflicts are not over and may never be. Don’t we understand that the wrong people are often trying to force their ways upon us and enslave us? When countries say they are going to annihilate another country, there is little room for negotiation, for appeasement and for lasting peace.

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