Monday, August 14, 2006

"Freedom Fighters"

The Editors of the Editorial pages in the Wall Street Journal almost always print letters that are well thought out and often present several ways to look at an action or political stance. A letter from an Alex Custin from Bethlehem, Pa., may be interesting to my readers. Commenting on a commentary titled “The Worst Genocide Ever” printed on 8/01/06, referring to the Khmer Rouge mass murders; Mr. Custin says that the policies of Mao and Stalin resulted in the combined deaths of 100,000,000 people. Crimes against humanity conducted by left wingers like Fidel Castro, Kim Jong 2 or the Shining path, are almost always rationalized or conveniently ignored. Crimes committed by right wing groups are prosecuted with vigor or whose prosecution is sought and acclaimed by the mass media.

The double standard allows terrorist organizations to engage in mass murder with impunity as long as they market themselves as “freedom fighters” aiding the oppressed. The present day conflict in the Middle East and with the Hezbollah ares prime example of this hypocrisy.

If the Khmer Rouge had been classified as a right-wing fascist group, their leaders and other would have been charged, tried and convicted and executed long ago. Since they are not so classified ‘our hunger for justice’ will remain unsatiated.”

Well said, and so sad, Mr. Custin.

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Anonymous said...

remember Japan and Vietnam well who will answer for those crimes my friend. Have you ever taken a moment to think before you blab garb! I suppose not. You talk about Justice you should wear a bag over your head in shame. Your goverment put most of those terroists there for their own personal gain. The world is policed by your goverment with thier bulling tactics so what do you expect from the world; a big thank you or what!