Monday, April 10, 2006

PDC Siting Application Facts

The unsigned letter received from the Peoria Medical Society to the Peoria County Board reads in part, “The Peoria Medical Society, also, strongly recommends the removal of the existing landfill and relocation to a site which is not in close proximity to an aquifer.” FACT: No governmental body in the United States has or will request the removal of this 27 year old site that complies with Illinois Environmental Rules and Regulations and has 13 consecutive years of no environmental violations.

“Testimony was given of a higher incidence of cancer was occurring in Peoria”. FACT: The Wall Street Editorial Board published the following on 2/23/06, “One myth about cancer is that our industrial society is pumping poisons into the air and water that put us at ever greater risks of cancer. But studies indicate that about 2% of cancer diagnoses are a result of environmental pollutants. Air and water quality have dramatically improved over the past 30 years, and air pollution carcinogens are down by 54% nationwide, according to Environmental Protection Agency data. Economic growth and the freedom that produces it are reducing, rather than increasing, cancer risks.” No evidence was submitted to place the cause with PDC.

The “Vote NO” flyer widely distributed by “Peoria Families Against Toxic Waste” states that PDC wants to expand its “toxic” waste, ect. The word toxic appears 8 times in the flyer. FACT: There was no evidence submitted to the County Board that any “toxic” waste was being dumped in the PDC landfill area requesting an expansion permit. (Refer my previous blog “Letter from the IEPA to Tom Edwards”). Read about the old barrel trenches in my previous blogs. No expansion will be permitted or is it requested for that closed portion of the landfill.

This flyer states “According to the American Cancer Society, Peoria County has a significantly higher cancer rate than the rest of the state.” FACT: No evidence of any kind was submitted by the opposition. Read the transcripts of all the testimony submitted by the applicant and the opposition by visiting

“PDC is a private company, so the PUBLIC has NO idea how much they profit from this landfill.” FACT: True, that’s why we live in a capitalist county, the greatest one in the world and not a socialistic society. We all better hope that they make a profit, pay 6 figure property taxes, spend 4 million dollars in the community each year and employ a hundred people locally. Only profits will support maintenance requirements during the additional 15 years of expansion and for the 15 years after closure. PDC has publicly stated that they would put hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly in a trust fund under jurisdiction of the County Board that will build into hundreds of millions of dollars, 100 years from now. If the permit is not approved, PDC will no longer make a profit at this site after year 2009 and would have no reason to maintain it after the required the 15 year closure period. Responsibility after year 2024 will revert to Peoria County and taxpayers will be financially required to maintain this landfill forever.

Expert testimony predicts that new layers of liners over clay subsurface will last for 100 to 500 years. Read the transcripts of expert testimony.

“The landfill sits atop the Sankoty aquiver system, the source of 60% of Peoria drinking water.” FACT: This statement I believe is made to make people believe the landfill sits “atop” the Sankoty aquifer which is a misleading statement.

FACT: Neither the Pleasant Valley private water system, the water system closest to the landfill, nor the Illinois-American Water Company testified in opposition to the siting application.

“According to EPA siting criteria, a new landfill would not be allowed in this location because of it’s proximity to the aquifer and residential areas.”

FACT: Finally something 100% true. The Peoria County Board would NOT approve a siting for any type of landfill to be located where this landfill is now. The PROBLEM is it is THERE NOW and has been for 27 years and its NOT going away. I didn’t want it there either. But it’s there so I voted to permit continuation of 15 more years for disposal only and 15 more years of closure at the total expense of PDC.

Tomorrow I will blog about the nine criterions PDC is required to meet with the additional Special Conditions recommended by County Staff and Patrick Engineering. This environmental engineering company was hired and approved by the unanimous vote of the full Peoria County Board. Other firms were interviewed. Patrick Engineering, who has sterling credentials, had no past dealings with PDC. PDC is paying for all costs associated with this siting application including the rent of the ITOO Hall.

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B. Ridley Critz, III said...

I sure hope you focus on the three criteria where you seem to differ from a majority of the Board. Quoting from the Peoria County's web site:

The facility meets the needs of the area it is intended to serve;
Public health, safety and welfare are protected in the facility design and location;
Care has been taken to minimize the incompatibility of the facility with the character of the surrounding area and property values.

My focus is on the first. The AREA it is intended to serve, THIS area, Peoria County (all the Board MAY focus on), can, I suspect be adequately served with no expansion. I have seen nothing to suggest otherwise.

I continue to request you to comment on that one, as I see it as the single most difficult for PDC to meet. And failure of EVEN ONE must, BY LAW, condemn the proposal.