Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I Told You So!!

City Council meeting would last about half as long as if their wasn’t Gary and Chuck (with Clyde trying to catch up), repeating themselves over and over again as if the rest of the council, the audience and the viewers were stupid. In fact, I believe Gary called some of the councilpeople stupid tonight. Wow! Gary is absolutely brilliant and most of us who don’t always agree with Gary are not. Check the record; I’m sure I heard him call some of the council people stupid! But I do wear a hearing aid so I’ll give him some benefit of doubt.

Go back to one of my “Water-Logged” (about 4 weeks ago) blogs and you can see Gary’s comments he made to me in the “Comment” space I have on every blog I post and also find Gary’s comments in the City Council minutes of I believe four weeks ago, where Gary wrote and stated that “PAAG has not ever asked for any interest and in fact would NOT even ask for their million dollars back.” That fact was later confirmed to me personally by a city legal authority that Sandburg’s statements were true. Hmmmmm.

Then tonight, a mirage appeared in the form of attorney Steve Wakeman, who said he was hired by those generous people from PAAG, and then said that if the council didn’t take further action tonight, I believe his words were that he authority from PAAG to “enforce the contract” for the city to repay PAAG one million dollars.

Some “deep water tales” are being told on the council floor but we have fortunately SIX SOLID HEADS representing the majority of the people of the city of Peoria in our best interests. I don’t need to tell you who the truth stretchers are, but one is the one who is always saying we don’t want “them foreigners” owning our water; I believe he retired from Dist. 150 so consider the source, and one who is always talking when I turn on Channel 22.

So the vote was same as last time; now it boils down to; do those generous PAAG people who lent the million dollars authorize Wakeman to sue the city and us taxpayers?

I told you so. You don’t get rich lending a million dollars and not trying to get it back. Want to bet that the contract will need to be deciphered in court on our dime?

I’ll probably be blogging on this some time to come and when and IF the lawsuit is filed I will again give you the names of the PAAG people, where they live, the businesses they are in and how they would possibly financially benefit by getting control of the Water Resources Committee, this committee, once appointed would manage the management firm who would mine and process the U.S. Government owned water, who in return would report to the council who in return would make all this money and return it to the taxpayer. Would have that been by check or cash, do you suppose?

Note that Gary talked about these new “possible buyers” being elected officials. Sorry Gary, the PBC and the Sanitary District people are appointed not elected. That leaves Dist. 150, the County or the Park District. Do I think the PPD would be interested? If Rita Kress is correct; she says we may someday have a $100 million dollar zoo (her quotes in the JS),then maybe why not?? Peoria County? Elected Count BoardChairman Williams says “thanks, but no thanks” or a solid NO. So who was Gary talking about? Maybe Gary will tell me himself. Otherwise, we may never know. Gee..

Steve Wakeman? Ah yes, I remember him quite well from another time and place.


Anonymous said...

How is it in one post (the previous one) I think your the greatest voice to ever hit the blogosphere and the next post (this one) I want to wring your neck?

Anonymous said...

Merle and Gary are both part of what is right with Peoria politicians and I wish there were more of them. The fact that they do not agree with one another does not bother me one bit, it is guys like this that give me faith in the democratic process.

Merle Widmer said...

To anonymous posted at 9:14 PM. Thanks for reading me and sometimes agreeing. I should have worded it "6 solid heads on the water buyout isssue". Anyway, I don't insinuate that anyone on the council is stupid. Misguided at times but arent't we all? All councilpeople were elected and can say and act the way the want as long as they please their constituents.

To anonymous at 1:20 PM, thanks and you probably know I agree with Gary on most issues but he is like me on my blogging. He should make his points, reinforce them once and not belabor the issue. I have yet to see anyone change their mind after hearing all of Gary's rhetoric.. Being on TV is not always a plus.