Friday, August 26, 2005

Water Company Buyout End Run??

On 8/24/05 I blogged “Always move on without much celebration. While you are celebrating, someone is already plotting a way to spoil your party.” It didn’t take long for the plotting to begin. I have a copy of a document dated 8/24/05 quoting a high ranking PAAG spokesperson “She said the issue really is not dead yet.” The document goes on to say an outspoken councilman and a very high ranking hired administrative official from the city are involved in trying to set up a meeting with another administrative body in Peoria County. In a conversation with Mayor Ardis, the Mayor says he is not aware of any meeting. Appears some city officials are trying to negotiate behind the Mayor’s back. Hmmmm.

Tune in early next week, I’ll know more and give names, places and activities.

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Anonymous said...

Are we surprised?