Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Conservative Republican's Moral Morass

Many of us who are registered Republicans and have a conscience have had to search our conscience as we review actions taken by our leadership over the years. To express how we feel is difficult without betraying the leaders we must trust and do so without undercutting our troops abroad, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, I read an article that quotes Cathy Young of the Boston Globe who pretty much expresses how I feel. She is quoted as saying: “The bombings in London on July 7 were a powerful reminder that terrorism remains a clear and present threat in our cities. But they were also, to me, a reminder of something else. As annoying as I find the right these days, with its cynical partisanship, its arrogance of power, and its politics of religious zealotry, my discontent with conservatives will never send me into the liberal camp—because the response to terrorism on the moderate left remains an egregious moral muddle.”

Yes , there is discontent within our party but we show it in words and actions that do not give encouragement and solace to our enemies.

We are in Iraq and the reasons why we are, come in multitudes of documents, words and actions. Those who give solace to the enemy either do not know or disregard the past history of Saddam and his murder of hundreds of thousands of his own people. They have not read enough to know the threat the religious zealots and Muslim terrorists in the Middle East have become to all humanity.

We are there and we will not leave until the Iraqi peace loving people (and they are the majority) are able to separate government from religion, establish their own security forces and set a government in place that can represent all of Iraq.. Under any circumstance, there will always be terrorists who, in the name of religious fanaticism who will continue to prevent peace seeking people from having a feeling of security and freedom that can only be attained thru democracy, unique to them in their entire history.

We know that many monarchist types of government will need to move toward democracy at a faster pace. We know there is unrest by all the illiterate and the oppressed. We know that change must be made but it must be made in increments in these monarchies that have supported us in the war against terror. Drastic change such as in Iraq is made by force as a last resort. Now we must support the efforts this drastic change, with all its errors of commission, to allow democracy to succeed or face chaos.

Weapons of mass destruction are all around us and have always been. One religiously confused terrorist armed is a WMD. One ignorant or confused human being can destroy thousands of people and destroy labors of a millennium. For those of you who think WMD will go away if a change is made in our administration, you will find out in 2008. They will not go away no matter who is the president of our county.

Every letter or article published, every march by pacifists and extreme liberals, causes only more bloodshed in the Middle East of our people, people from other countries, and the Iraqi people. They claim to support our country but not its administration. They, of course, are liars. Giving encouragement to the enemy is traitorous and they continue to betray the country they claim to support.

In today’s JS, a letter by a “chatterer” and a “pacifist” named Jane Johnson from Gilson calls for a “confrontational strategy” against our president. Disagreeing with our government and its leadership, made up of both Democrats and Republicans, has always been the American way. It has also been the American way to run for office, read all you can by writers who have made more background study than most of us, and by supporting your party, even when you disagree, and vote and help get out the vote. Slanderous attacks only help those who would kill you if given the opportunity. This country’s leadership is trying to save the lives of even those of you who support the enemy.

My next blog will list the names and authors of a few books that will give both biased and unbiased information as to the what, whys, ifs and where these authors think we are heading. They assess the present world situation and how the involvement of our past and current administrations has placed us where we are and were at the time these books were published. Read up.

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