Friday, April 08, 2005

Water Logged # 6

Sorry, but my Election 2005 blog was to have been published on Thursday. Then I was planning to post a second blog on the water company buyout efforts. Fortunately or unfortunately my site was blocked and after 4 hours of trying to post these blogs, I gave up. When I got back to my computer this afternoon, my page suddenly opened up so Election 2005 was published just now and the water company blog as originally written, didn’t get published. Just as well because the JS covered the subject quite well today. I wish to give a large credit to Dave Ransburg for voting against the power block that supported his reelection bid. Dave did what was in the best interests of the community. Also, John Morris voted against the buyout knowing that going against 21,000 votes in opposition to the buyout, might affect his chances of being elected again to whatever position he would be seeking. Gary was a given NO. Sandra Birdsall and Rita Kress voted in favor of the buyout. These five made up the Water Selection Committee whose mission was to report there recommendations to the full council. And Jeff G. threw in his opinion again. Maybe because he works for one of the PAAG investors and wants to spread water all over Peoria County so we can continue what some call “sprawl”. But then Jeff, Sandra and Rita area not likely to ever run for reelection. If they did ever do so, some 21,000 voters will be reminded of their support of city ownership of our water company. (Who was behind this citywide mailing of the unsigned postcard labeled “Support City Ownership of Our Water”??) It may never be made public but the document contained lies to the public and future credibility of those who were behind this city wide mailing, should forever be held as questionable.

Illinois-American does NOT own the water we use. The GOVERNMENT owns the water and always will. IA mines and processes the water and gets it to the user. They maintain most of the equipment and water mains. They do the billing, collecting and a myriad of other functions and for doing that, any thinking person would expect them to make a profit. (All the members of the PAAG are, I believe wealthy. I do not plan to ask them if all the profits they have made were “fair”)

The whole idea of the buyout study was, I believe was to save all of us money on our water bills. The City Manager blew that theory apart by saying “the city may have to raise water prices if the buyout goes thru”. (JS 3/8/05).

All the posturing probably starting with Dave R. predicting the water company could be bought for $60,000,000.00. I’ll certainly admit that sounded reasonable. But at the time Dave was saying this. IA was thinking a fair price would be between $163 million to $213 million. Wow.\, shat a costly guess!! The council at that time was in favor of a study but a solid block of four councilmen had the common sense to vote “no study”, (Leonard Unes, Bill Spears, Andre Bohannon and Steve Kouri). Ed Glover, David Koehler, Nat LeDoux, Jim Maloof, Gary Sandburg??, Camille Gibson and Dave Ransburg, (I am quoting from an article in the JS but in the early days of my clipping of interesting articles, I sometimes failed to post the date, I do now) voted for the study that will still cost the city big bucks even if the council votes NO on the buyout which I predict they will by perhaps a unanimous vote. After all, the voter spoke with an emphatic “stick to the core business of cities and do a better job”.

I hope I do not ever have to post another “Water Logged” blog. I’m tired of this subject same as most of you!! Let get down to the real problems in this community which have been defined by at least four of the newly elected and reelected councilpeople and the new Mayor..


Merle Widmer said...

Sorry to be the first one to post a comment on my own blog. I apologize for the grammatical errors and where I hit the wrong keys. There is no excuse for sloppiness.

Anonymous said...

2nd Try. Sorry, 1st went on wrong blog:

Excellent article !! I also think that Peorians are starting to believe that “when you know there is a need for change, act." Should have been all along. Kill the water buyout idea and get on with it.
PS Check your e-mail for the correct site.

Anonymous said...

Terry Bibo's 4/9 article in the PJ Star suggesting IA is not accountable is nonsense. The State's utility commission monotors and works on this types of issues routinely.

Merle Widmer said...

Lets just say it Terry Bibo writes a lot of nonsense and even gets paid for it!