Friday, September 24, 2004

Whatever Happened to Free Enterprise?

“Government, by going outside its proper province, has caused many, if not most, of the problems that vex us.” (Ronald Reagan, 11/10/1977, Hillsdale College Campus)

Whatever happened to free enterprise?? It’s being covered up by the slow slide to socialism. In a Letter to the Editors in the JS in 1998, I wrote “Daily, we let the government take over more of our responsibilities as we slide into socialism. Maybe the building of so many sports stadiums, movie theaters and viewing arenas has made us passive. The government is seizing every opportunity to expand our dependence on them”. This is happening on every level where bureaucracy is tax supported. Today, I would add zoos, museums and civic centers to the list of passive events that “entertain” us. History said the Emperors gave the publicans “circuses”. This will keep the public entertained so they won’t notice what is going on.

So the City of Peoria, will one day own the Hotel Pere Marquette because Caterpillar, the Mayor and some council people want this hotel saved!! And our State Representative Dave Leitch supports Caterpillar because Caterpillar is one of his major financial contributors. Leitch says “bailing out the Pere is a no brainer”!! And our Mayor dances around the subject but everyone who cares knows our Mayor supports this taxpayer funded subsidy. He has received and will receive again backing for his upcoming mayoral campaign, from some of the parties who stand to benefit from his stance. Nothing wrong with that but the voter should know who makes the bigger contributions and let the voter and taxpayer figure out the whys. And the City Manager who is new in town knows the golden rule “those who have the most gold, rules”.

Peoria, wake up!! Your current leadership is failing you. Your money is being used to subsidize businesses with your tax dollars; these subsidized businesses that are your competitors in what should be capitalist and free enterprise. Every bureaucracy in town is trying and succeeding in expanding their base of power with your money. The City is already spending millions of your tax dollars to just study the buyout of the water company. Soon, they will be in the hotel business. Then what next?

If the current Civic Center is doing such a great job, why is the Hotel Pere Marquette failing? The Pere is only one block away from the Civic Center. And why is the Mark Twain not filled up every night? I can show you quotes that people made as they were asking for your dollars to support the RiverPlex, Ball Park, Gateway Center, One Technology Plaza, and other city subsidized projects, saying how paying visitors and businesses would flock to our downtown areas and new businesses would spring up around these new projects. We may have the numbers of visitors but I don’t see the dollars.

Look at all the vital needs in our community, that are barely, if at all, being met while the city invests your money in projects beyond their level of expertise, that compete against the private sector, do not attract higher paying jobs and raise our taxes beyond reasonable levels.

Am I the last of a “dying breed” as one journalist put it? For the sake of the future, I hope not!

I write these “blogs” as a citizen living in the City and County of Peoria. I remind you that in a socialist society, the ones working behind the scenes are always the wealthy and the people “fronting” for them have positions of power and control which the “front” people accept instead of wealth. Again I say, wake up, Peoria. I’ve read about and experienced enough life to clearly see the directions we are being led and I protest as best I know how. Please support me where you feel I am right!

I leave you with this Dilbert saying with some liberties. (Government or subsidized bureaucracy): “if you buy our system, it will pay for itself in three years”. (Taxpayer) “Approximately how much does it cost”? (Government or subsidized bureaucracy) “It’s hard to say, it depends on many factors”. As a private business, take that to the bank when you are seeking a loan and see how far you get!

Thanks for your support!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if you've ever picked up a history book or not, but if you had you would know that this country is hardly socialist. Yes, it is sliding somewhat towards socialism but in extremely small steps that are almost unrecongnizable. And if you think that a the big businesses in Peoria are controlling the scene as a result of socialism then you are wrong considering socialism wants the exact opposite of big business control, big businesses in this area are only using these tendencies to further expliot thier wealth and position in this area. If you wanna really find out what this "dream" of a free market and free enterprise looks like just read any account of the late 1800s in America, where there existed a truly free market with little to no goverment intervention in the economy and where society was dominated by the monopolists of the age and there was only a wealthy class and an impoverished class. I for one am glad there has been progress since that point in time, I say bring on the socialism.