Thursday, September 02, 2004

Keyes Revisted

WMBD TV visited me this morning, no, I don’t call them, they call me. I really enjoy their representatives. Today it was the talented and attractive Liza & their very competent and business like photographer, Ben. They sought my opinion regarding Alan Keyes the Maryland carpetbagger and now candidate for election to be the U.S Senator from Illinois. I was asked my opinion on comments Keyes made this week on satellite radio. While I did not personally hear what he said, I know his platform. I believe in some parts of his program, but his far rights leaning on some issues are disturbing not only to me, but to most of my Republican friends.

I am a lifelong member of the Republican Party. However, I do not take sides saying it’s “them against us” as most Republicans and Democrats do. I have seldom voted a straight ticket. Who I will vote for in November? I do not know. I will not vote for Keyes just because John Shimkus from Collinsville said “He’s our nominee; I don’t walk away.” Shimkus, Hastert and Syverson, believe he was the right candidate. Senate Republican Leader Frank Watson states “I think we would have a certain comfort level in most of downstate. He sings our song.” Republicans, you are overdue to get more inclusive representation on your Central Committees!!

What has happened and is happening is that many voters, certainly including Republicans as well as Independents; feel left out of the decision making process and only voice their opinions to their friends and their coffee cups. So the decision making process is left to those who do step forward. Many times they are die hard people who never vote for or work with anyone who has some different viewpoints or who belongs to a different party. They form a type of clique who is unanimous on almost candidate or issue. Republicans who are not in this select group are listened to, (sometimes, I think) but they are basically locked out of the decision making process. Since many Republicans and Democrats and Independents are basically the same, it’s easier to believe that their “leaders” are doing the best for all and vote the candidates their Central Committees recommend. PAC’s attached to the Chamber of Commerce, unions and other organizations whose members serve, representing some type of special interest, ask that you support their picks. Unfortunately, they have the money and the power to influence our vote.

I believe that until more moderate and neo-moderate people like myself, get involved in at least some of the process besides just voting, your choice in the voting booth will continue to limited.

That’s the case here. I’m not sold on Obama. I might write in Jack Ryan even though I always thought he was a little arrogant. Subtle falsehoods and outright lies arise in divorce proceeding because there is usually at lot of money at stake as in the Ryan proceedings. Truth is seldom heard in any divorce proceedings. In these days of greater women’s rights, why didn’t she just say “Jack, I don’t want to go in” and even if she did go in, and once in, if she didn’t like what was going on, why didn’t she call a cab or a friend and leave?

Need I stoop to bring up Bill and Hillary? I believe they are still married.

I leave you with you with this thought: Hyper sanctimony in the media and in individuals is making this planet uninhabitable by politicians, professionals and commerce. Stop talking to just your coffee cups!!

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Anonymous said...

You really should take the time to meet with Barack Obama! He is in the "Paul Simon" tradition of a social liberial, i.e., treating people with dignity and respect when they need help from the rest of us and a fiscal conservative, i.e., "don't look for a hand out, but a hand up."