Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Democrats 'Forever' Agendas

Open all our Borders to the world
Make citizens of all illegals including felons if no longer in prison. (They would all vote Democrat)
Impeach Trump
Make nothing but MINOR changes to ObamaCare
Stack the Supreme Court with left-leaning liberals
Repeal the tax cuts
Continue to make the U.S.A. the Piggy-Bank to the worlds needy and UN-NEEDY
Cozy up to Radical Socialist Elites such as George Soros
Continue to cozy up to the radical liberal main-stream medias
Blame the NRA for the few (comparatively to the hundreds killing each other in Chicago gang wars (90% Blacks) and teen-agers texting while driving (6 killed on an average day)
Erase as much history from our History books on all levels and teach PROGRESSIVE history also on all levels. 30% of all High School 'graduates' know nothing about WWI, the difference between north and South Korea and who was involved in this Korean War and how it ended.
A majority know nothing about the hardships suffered to gain Independence from England.
Make laws that make it even harder to fire a public worker or public official.
Work hard to NEVER repeal te disastrous Davis-Bacon Law that costs taxpayer billions of dollars
Keep all the perks that both they and the Establishment Republicans enjoy for life
Keep recommending to CNN, the most radical liberal group of outlets most widely viewed., all the liberal Democrats who work for CNN and appear as 'analysts' or talking heads of which we have too many now on all levels of government and sports
Continue to cater to all RADICAL BLACK groups

And this is just the Demos main agendas.

If you read as much non-fiction as I do, you WILL know I am at least 90% correct.

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