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Adult Kids?? Blogged in 2007

Adult Kids?

“School teacher runs off with 13 year old boy” says today’s newspapers. At least, the teacher was a woman. However some feel; no problem, lots of 12 year old boys are carrying condoms in their back packs or wallets. She’s safe. Maine is making a full range of contraception available, including birth control pills and patches to 6th graders. Condoms have been available at King Middle School in Maine since 2000. The middle schoolers who are sexually active range from 10 to 14 years old. Maine is not alone. Maine’s actions were the latest to appear in the news I read.

On 2/27/04, I clipped an article “Youths are getting sexual diseases at high rates.” This Associated Press article stated “teenagers and young adults account for nearly half of the newly diagnosed cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the U.S. though they constitute just a quarter of the sexually active population, according to the first national estimate of STDSs among young Americans.” Check with our local County Health Department. They keep statistics on those who come for advice and recommended treatment of their diseased sexual organs. And most of them are treated on the taxpayer’s dole.

Also, no big problem to some because our growing welfare society now aided by an expansion of SCHIPS will pay for the medical treatment and there is no longer any stigma involved with sexually transmitted diseases and unwed pregnancies. (Senator LaHood, I was in disagreement of your yes vote again but I know you were under pressure to not make it look like you were opposed to child health care. I agree with Bush on this one that the program moves to far up the income ladder and is written as another step toward socialized medicine that I totally oppose.) I hope for children’s’ sake this bill is being reworded so our President can sign it soon.

For those of you who support socialized health, take time to listen to some of the experiences of people coming from the north of us and some parts of old Europe..

At a #150 Peoria Middle School I was visiting, a drop-out young "teener" was proudly showing off what many in this country used to call her “bastard” baby; sorry folks, look it up in history books, to an oohing and aahing group of 11-14 year old girls in the school hallways. I faulted school policy. If the school had a child care program, which none of #150 schools have, I could have understood.


On 10/19/07, the JS reported “Officer gave alcohol to 20-year-old.” Preteen kids are having sex with permission sometimes of their parent or parents or some adult but a guy gets in trouble because at a party where in the heat of all the fun, he providing a 20 year old some alcohol that she misused! The paper says she was pulled over and arrested on a DUI.

How “totally” interesting. Studies indicate that the majority of 20 year old women have had at least one sexual experience outside of marriage by the age of 20 and many of our service people are dead in action before the age of 20.

Too many mothers and “Mothers” are letting their kids dress like sluts, dressing them up like models with lipstick, stylish hairdo’s and high heels at the age of 5; in a few cases younger. The media is hung up on youth “role model” types like Spears and 200 other Hollywood types who have less space in their brains than they have between their bosoms. Too many of our George Bush types are caught up in a total abstinence delusion while too many other are saying “we know you know its “there” so here are some condoms and birth control pills. Don’t forget to use them and good luck.” And maybe throw in “happy hunting” to let kids know they understand.

The problem many adults don’t understand at all and neither do most of the kids. You can read dozens of books on the problems created by having “casual sex” and if you don’t read, you can take the experts testimony as gospel that most causal sex before marriage and sometimes after marriage has a highly negative effect on millions of people’s lives.

No wonder some schools see less and less kids playing sports and participating in activities that wear them out so they go to bed at night to sleep and rest. The kind of sports most of us kids from Congerville and Normal Community played when I was in grade and high school. Many others went home to assigned jobs and learned a work ethic. Sure, sex was on our minds. But it wasn’t constantly flaunted in our faces and our Moms and Dads made sure it stayed just there. The school was to teach us other subjects. Big difference when it is on your mind instead or elsewhere with someone; nowadays, sometimes with either sex. Now kids can forget sports, work, extra-curricular activities and parental supervision; there are lots of physical actions available in many locations for some of these high testosterone foolish misguided kids.

Young women and now young boys carrying condoms and birth control pills are sometimes going to authorities protesting sometimes weeks or years later claiming that they were raped. No, I certainly don’t condone rape when it is really a forcible act totally against the will of the “rapee” but I have always know allegations of rape and actual rape can be a fine line especially if the girl becomes pregnant or gets a problematic sexual disease. Or it dawns on her later that her or his sexually overt acts weren’t such a good idea after all.

Do I think kids and most people lie? Surely, you jest.

I also know that there are a lot of animals acting like humans beings are out there in person or on the internet and nowadays they aren’t all men. These “people” should have a fair trial and if convicted, have the lawful sentences imposed.

Wait till you see what happens when our libraries load up on hundreds of unsupervised computers. Think about it.

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