Thursday, February 15, 2018

What Does Ms. Giffords Want the American People to Do?

With sincere sympathy to the dead, wounded and the hundreds of thousands affected by these shootings, I publish this blog. I regret also the assination attempt on Ms. Gifford.

First, I agree with the term 'freedom of spech'. But there must be limits. These limits to be worked out with much public input, not by just small, well organized groups and lobbyists.

Here is what Congress, States, Counties and Cities can do: They can enforce the laws already on the books. They can take most of the rapid fire arms off the market by forcing imports or locals from selling these guns to other than limited security groups. They have the power to enforce all schools to have at least one armed security officer on every floor of a school.

They can report, as the Grandmother did, all suspicions of individuals who threaten, by word or voice, to do bodily harm to anyone. Governments can tighten the description of 'mental health' problems result in mayhem, allowing law enforcement to take action BEFORE the person with 'mental health' problems takes destructive action.

They can stop, as best they legally can, their kids from constantly watching or playing violence roles. They can tell their elected officials that many of the violent ideas that are POUNDED into kids heads,come from Hollywood..

TV stations that constantly show actual violence or the results of, must stop playing the chaos OVER AND OVER  again as one major station kept the Florida school shooting as a 7/24 feature.headline story. My opinion is that to many mentally disturbed people see these events so frequently, that they become obsessed that this is the only way they will get their 'fame', actually their one day of infamy.

Others believe that we should take weapons of destruction the the 98% of legal gun owners WHILE HAVING  no way of taking stolen or black market guns from criminals OR THOSE WITH CRIMINAL INTENT. THOSE BELIEVERS ARE TOTALLY WRONG.

Some of the strongest gun laws exist in the City of Chicago, a City where even their own Mayor call his City a City in chaos.

Their is no solution to stop all senseless killing. But, I agree, better strength can be given to law enforcement officers and the placement of too many too many lenient judges.

Add your comments or gmail me your thoughts and I will blog them. If you have trouble making a comment on a blog, gmail me. I brought my old blogs on lack of discipline forward from 2006-8 as I believe that the breakdown of being able to more forcibly enforce undestructive discipline is the MAJOR cause of many of today's violent reactions by youth.

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