Friday, November 25, 2016

Dearborn, Michigan - Ban Anymore Muslims From Entering the U.S.A.

After viewing a valid video of the almost total domination of Muslims in small businesses in Dearborn, I was shocked beyond belief. An old saying is, "birds of a feather, flock together". The majority of Muslims DO NOT INTEGRATE. Trump was right (he actually said, "not before Muslims were vetted more carefully") and I was wrong. Obama will, in his last days, attempt to bring more Muslims into this country, a goal he had before ever being involved in politics. In my factual studies of Obama, I have long ago concluded that this was one of Obama's' major goals.

Obama will not be out of politics. It has always been my belief that he wanted to head a World Organization. He is in the infancy of his goal. Muslims bear far more children than Caucasians. And very shrewd in finding ways to "suck on the government tit".I have predicted that they will be a major factor in elections and that in less than three decades will be a dominant force in the governing of  this once GREAT country.

It will be Christianity that will be under attack just like Christians have been and are under siege in all Islamic countries.

However, in this election, few considered that Trump would win Michigan. I believe the MAJOR reason he won in Michigan was because of a backlash of voter concerned about Muslim domination of small businesses and schools in Dearborn.

As I watched this video, forwarded to me by a real friend, I couldn't help but say, dear God, what has Obama and his ilk done to this country? More immigrants are coming from the Middle East than are coming from Mexico and Central America. We may be thankful in the end that we have so many Hispanics in this country.

No, only Pollyanna people believe that our country is a melting pot. Most Middle East people do not integrate. They tend to quietly take over..Where I see the most of them in Muslim garb are on the far North Side of Peoria and driving expensive vehicles.  Very seldom am I able to make a smiling eye contact with them.

Remember Margaret Mead's statement, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world". For better or for worse.

Many people were saying that Trump would be like Hitler. Not at all possible but small growing groups like Islamic Muslims, generally quiet in public places, "stab" you in the back because not only does the Koran tells them to, they have a history of doing just that. Few know what is being preached in their rapidly growing number of Mosques.I'm reading that some schools are DROPPING history as a required course.

What a tragedy. For the doubters, it is possible that Trump may be a close to anyone who can right this sinking ship.

And no, I didn't say all Islamic people are bad people. Neither were all the citizens of Germany, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. But history tells us what happened. Most school children today have little or no knowledge of these tragic events. Many are being taught that it was the U.S.A. that is a Capitalistic monster. Here, again, there is some truth that are hands were involved in many political activities where we should not have been.

Call me an Islamophobic. That's OK because I am a student of history. Those who would accuse me had better bone up on history and REAL quiet current events.

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