Saturday, July 16, 2016

Terribly Biased Media

Liberal Democrat leaning media say, "Trump introduced running mate today. Keeps emphasis on himself" What a mis-leading statement. Of course,he emphasized his political stance. He will be President, not Pence. If media like the JS, claim to be 'fair and 'balanced', they would have said he spent considerable time detailing Pence's character and achievements and then let Pence take the speaker for at least 15 minutes.

Speaking of "fair and balanced", few liberal media try to print all the truth but leave out or ad falsehoods. Some local media would add and "upstairs" to a ranch house of fail to put in the word "alleged" when someone of some importance is arrested but never convicted.

Or print their mug shot. Mug shots are automatic for even a misdemeanor, especially in Florida. Even though the charge is later forgotten or dismissed. To the JS Editorial Board credit, they believe that a mug shot should not be made public upon an arrest and before a conviction of the charge.

Trump would like to make "libeling" of individuals by the media a prosecution offense. I agree. No one has won a libel case against the media in Illinois in 60 years.

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