Monday, July 18, 2016

Bush Dynasty Ends With A Pout By Jebbie

Too bad. George H.W. Bush was by far the wisest politician and a President wise enough not to remove the criminal running Iraq. He realized that in doing so, he would upset the dictatorial power structure and the always precious stability of a Middle East that throughout modern history was in some kind of violent chaos. Jeb, who got elected as Governor of Florida largely on the coat tails of previous Bushes and Walkers.

So Jeb pouts and doesn't go to Cleveland thereby further weakening of the already weakened the Republican Party.

Since Jeb is from Florida, I will tell a tale about a Florida Dynasty that crumbled shortly after the death of their founder. The George Stuart office supply and equipment company, based in Orlando, was by far the largest of it's kind in the State. Direct descendants took over the running of the company but they didn't see the revolution taking place in the industry. I did and not only survived but in the end prospered. The Stuarts did not. My company and the Stuart company belonged to the same marketing organization. I served on the Board of Directors as did a Stuart so I had some insight as to who was going to survive the revolution.

I see the revolution going on and agree with much of it. But beyond my "seeing' I sincerely hope that the changes do not turn to a violence that could eventually lead to another type of Civil War. I do not believe in thee chant,"Why can't we all get along". Sorry, but that will NEVER come to pass Never has since the emerging of life on earth. Please read your history, little of which is being CORRECTLY taught in our schools today.

Jeb Bush and his supporters did not recognize that the U.S.A. was not the same country of their fathers and was and is going through a very different stage of evolution for want of a better word. Donald Trump realized this rapid evolution and struck out in a rather drastic direction. While The Donald could have used some better terminology, he caught the attention of those who agreed with him that they too were not happy with the general direction this country was and is heading. At times, I even wavered.

Not now. As always an Independent thinker, I see the future and do not like what I see. I will support Trump at least through 2020 as he will lead if the Bushes, Romneys, McCains, and all true Republicans and Indeependents realize if they don't, this country will be in much deeper do-do than it is in now.

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