Thursday, October 29, 2015

Republicans Moving in Right Direction on National Level

Ryan may be just the right person to pull the party back together. The debate last night was so far superior to the Democrat debate held recently. On the local level, the retirement of Leitch is a step in breaking the hold the establishment has on the on the Independents and once Republicans who want to vote for Republicans who think similar to new Speaker Ryan. Depending on who the party puts up to replace Leitch. (See my blogs on David Leitch) Should the Republicans win the presidency and have substantial majorities in the House and Senate, to overcome the chaos created by Obama and some by Bush, Jr., the scenario laying ahead will still looks like a "mission impossible". As to the debate, the largely Democrat panel was shown up by some of the Republican candidates what I and millions of other have been saying. If you watched the debate, I need to say nothing further.

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