Saturday, September 19, 2015

Chuck Weaver to Take LaHood's Political Position

Just as i predicted leaving Brian, Matt, Brad and Ryan as groomsmen. Brian's Political ambitions are dead as are McMillan's and Jones. Ryan is still "wet behind the ears" as his performance on a "going bust' City Council, has proven to date. But then he comes from the Chamber group whose President was recently Mary Ardapple of Apples, now out of business and the building up for sale. Unfortunately, she is still on the County Board where she claimed responsibility for the hiring of an out of state advertising agency to promote the $4 million or more losing Heddington Oaks. She also said she would have supported the costly taxpayer funded Hedddington Oaks, The RiverPlex and the poorly attended River Front Museum (PRM), once to be a regional museum, but now just a big money losing Peoria Museum. Ask Mary why the Museum dropped the highly touted 15% off for Peoria residents and she said she never new about that discount, just one of the dozens of broken promises made by the Museum supporters. Remember, all the elite, were quoted the the museum would even host an IMAX Theatre. Wonder how long the Big Scree substituted for an IMAX will last because word is that it is a super money loser. Back to Weaver. He is part of the establishment and will get big business's unwavering support. Maybe Spain will run for Mayor?? Hmmmmm.

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