Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Peoria Public School District 'LATHANS' Want Summits' to Listen to Public Input

Such a sad request coming from so many sincere but incapable people serving as public servants; both paid and unpaid. Let's go back in time when the citizenry was also highly concerned about the direction #150 was heading. On June 3, 2002, a summit was called by board members and the Superintendent and staff. The meeting was called "The future of education in Peoria". Over 200 interested citizens signed up. The meetings were held over three days, 5:30-9:30  at Lincoln Middle School. No paid consultant ran these meetings. "The purpose is simple and important: to bring together concerned people from all across District #150 to create a shared vision for our public schools. The results of our work will provide the foundation for moving forward together". An eighty-five page document summarized this well-organized meeting.

I was in attendance all three evening and participated in 3 sessions, sometimes moving from one to another. The summit brought some 60 key recommendations. Few were followed with intensity.I have a copy of this document and would be willing to give it to Zach Oyler if he or one of his followers wish to study the contents. In fact, all board members and the current Superintendent should thoroughly study this document before calling another summit'

Did the summit succeed? Probably not as well as expected or the district wouldn't be in the somewhat sorry state it is in today.

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