Thursday, October 09, 2014

Peoria, Illinois Park District A Long Time Victim of "Biting Off More Than They Can Chew":

The Peoria Park Board, led by attorney Tim Cassidy, always bought all of Queen Bonnie's dreams of making Peoria another Cincinnati, Portland, New Orleans, or Memphis on the riverfront. They have missed every projection starting with the acceptance from the State of Illinois of the old IDOT Building on Knoxville (which they still own and maintain) the RiverPlex, the approximately $30 million zoo expansion and now their expensive move of park headquarters to the recently deserted 33,000 sq. ft. building. Plus the money they will need to borrow to the remodel the now empty old YWCA building while borrowing more money to pay for the upkeep once remodeled..

.While Pat Quinn and the Democrats stick the taxpayers with paying off all the monies owed by public entities like the Peoria Park District and the overwhelming debts of the State of Illinois.

Do not expect the closing of Donavan Golf Course and deals with private organizations to take over Central Pool to come anywhere near to closing the deficits the park district is facing presently. Expect the deficit to rise higher next year partly caused by the deficit funding RiverPlex, far greater maintenance costs of the new park headquarters, the maintenance of the new trail and the aging expense of other park facilities

The park can stave off some further deficits by raising fees and possible property taxes. The movement of dollars out of the area served by the Peoria Park District, to different tax collecting entities such as Tazewell County plus reductions in state and federal monies, was evidently not anticipated.

Back in 2002, Cassidy and Noble protested emphatically that these deficits would never happens.

I do not oppose nice things. But I've always believed one should;d have the means to pay their debts without sticking the taxpayer,especially when so many park activities are not FREE..

What is the old saying that is true? "Shit happens". Hmmm. But this s--t should have been forseen if they had a couple of intelligent business people on this "upaid" board.

What is the Queens salary? Around $135,000 plus all benefits and a later sizebale pension. Hmmm, again.

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