Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Peoria Illinois Park District Gets $2.5 Million From Democrat Quinn For Recreation

Of course, PPD President Tim Cassidy, a lawyer and a strong Democrat is a very poor guardian of taxpayer dollars. And Queen Bonnie while explaining the PPD would also need to kick in $1.4 million quickly stated that this PPD borrowed money would not add to the park's unusually high deficit. She states that the money would come from new bonds, bonds that must be repaid with interest. Bonds, that the JS and other naive voters must feel are paid for by "autumn leaves" which are becoming more plentiful.....

Much of the money will be spent to remodel a gym with air-conditioning to compete against the likes of the Clubs at River City, a privately owned club that pays large amounts of money to help support the park. The gym also competes against schools with gyms that SHOULD BE OPEN all year round.

The rest of the money is SUPPOSED to be spent to remodel the old YWCA facility and it's surrounding grounds.

Back in 2002, I widely predicted this day of huge park deficits would come but the JSEB, mainly Barbara Manz Drake and Mike Bailey, Bailey, who lives in Tazewell County, wondered publicly who a businessman like myself could be so wrong. Of course, Cassidy and Noble kept raisng fees so they could avoid raising taxes until they finally reached and impasse as shown by the recent publicity on over-priced and under-maintained park golf courses (I predicted someday a $60 million budget for the park. It now stands around $53 million and rising).

While the property tax payers are stuck with the increased taxes that I long ago publicly predicted, Democrat union bosses express thanks to Quinn for getting the State of Illinois further in debt for things like museums, zoos, and recreation centers (think the Riverplex that could not meet their bond payments as Cassidy and Noble promised) that create hardly any livable wage jobs after the construction money is spent. As one union boss told me, "we don't give a damn what is built, we need jobs". Of course, their generous union pensions will pay for their personal tax increases so "what the hey".

For those few of you who read me hoping to abuse my name, do not know all the good I have done for this community, including the company I founded in 1964. I employed over 70 people when I sold it in 1992. 22 years later my name still stands on the company mast.

And I have never been convicted of any offence in any court of law.

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