Sunday, October 19, 2014

Drug Hypocrisy Rampant in the U.S.A.

Comic strip in the liberal St. Louis Dispatch titled 'Parenting No-No's Lesson #2 by Terri Libenson - The Pajama Diaries, shows a couple toasting their daughter with glasses of alcohol while holding hands and proudly saying "To our little drug prevention expert" upon her graduation from D.A.R.E.

Rahm Emmanuel, Chicago's Mayor  has it right. Most police chiefs in the area have it wrong.Alcohol is by far the worst widely used home wrecker and killer in the U.S.A. How many "closest alcoholics" in Peoria alone? I estimate the figure to be in the 10,000 range including one in my immediate family.

In 2010, out of 43,000 vehicular deaths in the United States of America, 16,000 were contributed to alcoholic abuse.

Most alcoholics will not admit they are alcoholics just like drug users and abusers will adamantly deny to any "bluenose" that  they use drugs of any kind.

Last night in Peoria, Il. every place that sells liquor by the glass or open bottle, Country Clubs, bars, night clubs, etc.,were near capacity and some stayed that way until 4:00 A.M. Plus another 35,000 were drinking at home or smoking illegal pot. No, I do not condone heroin, meth, hash, etc., or the abuse of legal prescription drugs.One does not have to tell me that the use of pot ALWAYS leads to using stronger drugs any more than using ordinary LEGAL pain pills can lead to an addiction. 

We legalized booze many decades ago. No way would the people allow the privilege to drink openly be  taken away. Yet we have failed to legalize a far less dangerous drug, marijuana,  that is widely used and contributes next to no vehicular deaths and destroys a fraction of the homes that the abuse of alcohol does.

One Police Chief in the area said stupidly, "It would set a bad example". What a hypocrite.The only Chief that got it near to right was the Bartonville Chief of  Police. The others were afraid of being voted out of their lucrative jobs.

Of course, many working in our failed drug intervention programs would lose their jobs including the gung-ho door busters ironically called 'Swat Teams'.They could be trained, if trainable, to be drug preventions specialists and the money collected on taxes could be used to support the care and treatment of those addicted to any drug including the worst one, alcohol.

Gun killing by gangs fighting for space in the illegal drug trade, would eventually fall by 75% in the U.S.A. The killings by  and in Mexican and U.S. A., etc.,drug cartels, would decrease dramatically.

I do not, nor never have used any drug besides booze and the only time I got drunk was once in college and at that time I could not afford a car so my buddies took me home. My parents never told me not to drink; they drank very little and my Dad stopped smoking,never in the house or car, at 55, but they warned me as did my grade school teacher, not to abuse either. But I do know that most parents who think their juveniles are not using and sometimes abusing liquor and are not smoking pot, are living in "ivory towers".Even kids who are highly religious hang out with their peers on usually very regular times without parental supervision, which is impossible to always provide, will, when they get older, often admit that yes, they did smoke a little pot, drink and have sex. Or worse that they may never admit. 

Whatever legal pot distribution system installed such as in Colorado, will be flawed as ALL humanoids are flawed. Any one who says they never committed an immoral act, is a liar Many believe that attending church in a church building will absolve them of their sins. Or go to confession. B------t.

So sad that so many people who could be productive, as Emmanuel says, are instead wasting away in jails and prisons. The righteous have caused more problems in societies that they could possibly believe. But they are similar to their kids who cheat in the classroom, steal from them, drink their booze when no adult relative is around, have sex before marriage, have sex by 13, etc., will deny, deny and deny.

This has never been a politically correct blog site. And this blogger has never been convicted of anything in a court of law. Neither am I a "bluenose" and would hope I will never become one.

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