Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Revenues Up; Spending Still Out of Control

Even though tax revenues are at a record $1,104,947,000,000 for the first five months of fiscal year 2014, the federal government still managed to overspend by $377,379,000,000.  It doesn't matter how much money you give the federal government, they'll just find a way to spend even more money. (Very true, Merle's comment from experience)  At the fore of this insanity is a Democratic Party, with a majority in the United States to run interference for President Obama. 
President Obama is so incompetent he couldn't even pass a budget when the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress.  George W. Bush passed a budget with a Democratic-controlled Congress, and Bill Clinton passed a budget with Republicans in control of Congress.  The problem is Barack Obama.  
It's Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, neither of whom gives a damn about anything other than holding a meaningless partisan line, even if it destroys the future of this country.  In 2014, we're taking the Unholy Trinity of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid head-on with our efforts to flip the Senate and end their Reign of Indulgence on your dime.  Your donation is critical to helping us establish our ground game in Louisiana, so that we can buy our airtime early and take Senator Mary Landrieu down in 2014.  
It's critical as we look to Alaska, Arkansas, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Virginia. Your support will determine whether or not we can expand our efforts to take out Democrats in Colorado and New Mexico as well.  We've made a deliberate decision to stay out of the GOP's civil war, and to focus our fire and your dollars on Democrats in 2014.  
It's time to pass an actual budget. It's time to curb overspending in Washington. It's time to get back to the business of governing, and the Democrats have shown the country over the past six years that they can't be trusted to do any of those things.  Donate today, and together we can flip the Senate and begin the process of changing the tone in Washington! 
Jay Batman
Director, Research and Messaging
Western Representation PAC

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