Sunday, February 16, 2014

Peoria Journal Star - Often Known as the "Urinal" Star is Still Indicting, Trying and Convicting

This time, this liberal Democrat run newspaper, is again trying to do all the above to Illinois Republican Governor candidate, Dan Rutherford. Naturally, the "small" man claiming sexual harassment in Rutherford's Treasury Dept. is a Democrat candidate. Aren't 90% of those claiming sexual harassment Democrats? The "Urinal" headlined the fact that Rutherford had not read the full complaint nor made anything public about the complaint.

If you read the Journal's full article, Rutherford sensibly explains the reasons. Yet the Journal's headline does the damage as most people fail to read the "rest of the story" beyond the headlines and a cursory glance at the body of the article unless the person being indicted, tried and convicted by the Peoria Illinois Journal, are "out of favor" with the reader.

A number of years ago a local prominent business man in good community standing, took his own life as the Journal went after this Republican in their typical hatchet jobs of indicting, trying and convicting as they have done to me so many times. (I have NEVER been interviewed by the Journal about any event that appeared unfavorable to me while they made every effort to put the "hatchet" to my activist self). I suggest they should have interviewed my wife who supports me and loves me dearly because she knows the "rest of the stories". How many others have had their lives ruined or committed sucide because of the JS will never be known. Myself, like Rutherford, who has never been CONVICTED of anything other than a minor traffic ticket are not likely to be intimidated by the a left leaning media that includes some other Peoria Medias.

I do not subscribe to the Journal nor will I ever. My obits will be on my blog site and what the Journal may say about me after my death will not be heard by me and my family and true friends will know my accomplishments.

Of course, I do not believe in TRUE sexual harassment, but I know that most claims are to embarrass, are political inspired, and most are made as a way to blackmail, in one form or another, the accused.

Let it be known that anyone can file a claim of sexual harassment and the law states that all claims must be fully investigated as many remember Ex-Mayor and deceased James Maloof with his political enemies represented by one of Peoria's most leading tort attorney.

One of Peoria's most liked coachs often gave a pat to an athlete's butt to inspire them to play their best. I suggest it was one reason he lost his job. The definition of "sexual harassment" has became so widespread and abused that many people that many no long give hugs of sympathy, respect or encouragement for fear of being charged with a crime. They are reluctant to touch anyone anywhere.

Do not doubt for one moment that the sexual harassment charge against some or one in Rutherford's Treasury Dept. is nothing but another one of the the Democrats famous "dirty tricks".

I ask you to read the earlier post I made today and support Rutherford as an incorruptible governor of the politically corrupt State of Illinois.

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