Monday, February 24, 2014

Not Another Sales Tax For Peoria County

Peoria County voters would do well to vote no on any further taxes to support the largely failed public school system. Property owners already pay most of their taxes to support #150. When #150 can afford to pay tennis coaches who never played tennis, have trouble getting just 6 players to go out for tennis, cancel some of their meets for lack of players but still pay all coaches, some who who sit in comfortable chairs in the shade while drawing 11% of their salaries, is a small part of the overall  system being poorly run while the administration and board demands more and more money.

Tennis just one example of board members not paying attention.

Go ahead and vote it in and I'll do my best not to buy anything where another 1% sales tax has been added. I thought the museum was to take over part of student learning in the area???

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